German Judge Says “Everything Is About to Collapse” [But Not the Open Door Policy]


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s slogan when she talks of dealing with the migrant crisis is “we can do it”. It caused some outrage when she said it. She will not halt the open door policy.

“I said this sentence,” she said, “because we were faced with a huge task and are still facing and because our country can muster the strength and cohesion in order to accomplish it. Since 2015 a lot has happened.”

“For example,” she continued, “we have greatly reduced illegal migration. Of course, large integration tasks lie ahead of us and a lot has to be done about solidarity within Europe. All in all, we can say that we have come a long way in this one year.”

She has every intention of continuing her open door policy.

“My attitude to a limit is well known. We need to protect the EU’s external borders better, combat illegality, tackle the causes of flight and come to fair agreements with home and transit countries, such as the EU-Turkey agreement,” she concluded.

Nothing will stop her, not even the fact that “everything” is about to “collapse”. reported that Robert Seegmuller, chairman of the Association of German Administrative Law Judges, claimed the sheer number of migrants challenging the decisions made has put a tremendous strain on the courts. It’s overwhelming the civil courts to the point of possible “collapse under the weight of the cases”.

“The situation is dramatic for administrative courts. We are now completely stretched to our limits,” he said.

Thousands of asylum seekers who don’t like the decisions in their cases are contesting them with 250,000 waiting.

There are solutions. One of them is to just deport them and forget the appeals. Another obvious answer to the problem is to vet them before they come into the country – now there’s a thought.


Merkel was brought up in communist East Germany. Her sense of country is likely lacking.

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