German Medical Student Raped, Murdered In a Town with Signs Welcoming Refugees


Maria Ladenburger is the 19-year old medical student who was raped and throttled to death in a town sporting “Welcome Refugees” signs. The Afghan migrant had been sentenced to jail for ten years in Corfu for attacking a woman.

He had been sentenced to prison in Greece for throwing a student off a cliff on the island of Corfu. It was only because she was a mountaineer and knew how to protect her head in a fall that she miraculously survived. He was given early release.

Maria Ladenburger

Germans still don’t get it and the town still welcomes refugees though this murder shocked many in Germany.

The murderer entered Germany in November, 2015 at the same time a million others entered the EU. Such is the vetting system.

The Germans are oblivious to the enemies they are taking into their country and will likely vote Angela Merkel into power for a fourth time.

At Miss Ladenburger’s funeral, her father gave a eulogy welcoming refugees and arranged for a collection for refugees because love conquers all in the leftist’s alternative universe.

The 22-year old murderer lied and said he was 17. Khavari is about to stand trial for her murder after being charged with what prosecutors say was a crime committed ‘insidiously and for sexual satisfaction’. He is being held in a top security prison.

After the murder, he threw her body in the canal.

Dangerous drunk in Freiburg Park where Miss Ladenburger was grabbed.

The same park where she was grabbed continues to be a hellhole of drunken migrants. The daytime is safe but at night, people are too afraid to walk the streets alone but the signs welcoming these people have not come down.

The city of Cologne is now branded a dangerous place for women.

Increase in crime by these hoodlums has not dissuaded the Germans. The mayor of Freiburg, where the victim and murderer Hussein Khavari were living, noted the increase in crime in his little village but says they welcome refugees.

That sentiment is still echoed throughout Germany. Facts mean nothing to many.

Most of the crime hike was not caused by genuine refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis, but migrants from other countries — such as Afghanistan, the Balkans and Africa — who have slipped in, are unlikely to ever get asylum, yet have not been deported.

“This is not something to gloss over,” said Thomas de Maiziere, the Interior Minister, after the figures were released. “Those who commit serious offences forfeit their right to stay.”

A leaked German intelligence report warned last year of heightened public concern about mass immigration, particularly from Muslim countries.

It said: “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other people, as well as a different understanding of society and law. Germany agencies are unable to deal with these imported security problems and the resulting reactions from German people.”

Some classrooms are filled with 80% refugees and there is no way “modern society” is being represented in these classrooms. One village of 102 people received 750 refugees. Another mayor of a small town was fined for insulting refugees but his village is one with majority Islamist students in the classrooms. He is considerer “extreme far-right”, the worst possible thing to be to a leftist.

Globalists watch this – the destruction of Europe – with no visible signs of concern, but rather renewed vigor in demanding that more refugees be allowed into the EU and the USA.

The EU founding father Coudenhov-Kalergi, in his plan for Europe, wrote, “The white races of Europe should be destroyed and replaced with a race of Eurasian-Negroids that are easily controlled by the ruling elites.”

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