German Pol Afraid of Facebook Wouldn’t Circulate Photo of Berlin Terrorist



Dr. Till Steffen, More Afraid of Hateful Facebook Comments Than a Terrorist

For 12 hours, Till Steffen, a German politician and the head of the Hamburg judicial authority, would not allow photos of the Berlin terrorist Anis Amri to be circulated because he was worried about comments on Facebook. He didn’t want to incite hatred.

This is where hate speech  crimes take you – to the world of thought crimes and 1984. Germany is the country that just arrested and will likely charge a police officer with a criminal offense for calling Angela Merkel “insane” and “criminal”.

There are calls for Steffen to resign because he wouldn’t let police share photos of the most wanted man in the world.

Newspaper Bild reported that police were able to give a description of the killer, but not show the public what he looked like because of privacy concerns.

Joachim Lenders, chairman of Hamburg’s regional police force, is quoted by Bild stating: “It is incomprehensible that investigating authorities are thrown such truncheons.”

It’s not incomprehensible given the nonsensical PC culture that has arisen in Germany. After all, this is the country that couldn’t get Amri’s IDs in order to deport him though he was on the watch list from January. Tunisia said they wouldn’t take them without ID according to some reports. Italy is the country that caught him first and deported him to nowhere – somewhere in the EU nobody knows where. Maybe we could do that with our terrorists – send them to sea on a boat to nowhere, better yet, a plane without a pilot.

Website reports that authorities are concerned that abusive comments can be posted on Facebook appeals, because comments cannot be disabled.

It quotes Hamburg CDU politician Richard Seelmaecker, who said: ‘Anis Amri has allegedly murdered twelve people, but instead of using all means to search for him, Hamburg’s green lawmaker is more concerned about comments on Facebook.’

He called for a judiciary committee review to be called.

CDU faction leader André Trepoll branded Steffen a “security risk” today, Bild reports, and the Alternative For Deutschland party (AfD) has called for him to resign.

Europe and the United States under Barack Obama and his minions have been living a lie.

President-elect Donald Trump fired off a pair of tweets on Friday targeting the Berlin killer.

Amri was shown in a video, released by the Islamic State’s news agency, after reports of his death surfaced pledging allegiance to the terror organization.

“I pledge my allegiance to the Emir of of the Faithful, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi, for compliance and obedience, in vigor and impulsion, abjectness and abundance, and in favoring his preference to mine, and not contending the orders of his trustees, unless I witness manifest disbelief,” he said.

“If you can fight, then fight,” he added. “If you are in Europe fight these crusade (sic) pigs. Each person up to his ability.”

Trump tweeted about the video’s release, and made a call to “fight back.” “The terrorist who killed so many people in Germany said just before crime, ‘by God’s will we will slaughter you pigs, I swear, we will slaughter you,” Trump wrote.

The president-elect added: “This is a purely religious threat, which turned into reality. Such hatred! When will the U.S., and all countries, fight back?”


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