Germany Considers Housing Immigrants at Nazi Concentration Camp


ss barracks

Who could have seen this one coming? A PC European country is thinking of putting up 21 asylum seekers in the SS barracks of Buchenwald concentration camp. Apparently, they think it’s okay because they’ve once used it for an art studio and they’ve put their disabled vets there.

The Germans, to their credit, have been taking in scores of refugees from Syria and Iraq and the shelters are overcrowded.

Germany is overcrowded in general and one must wonder why they keep taking in new immigrants, no matter how kind.

They live on top of one another in Germany. It’s not like the United States with wide open spaces.

They had to get creative.

Nothing says creative like Buchenwald.

The barracks are an outpost of the camp. At least 700 Polish slave laborers were held at the outpost until they died from overwork and starvation.

No wonder their immigrants aren’t assimilating.

Maybe they should consider tearing the thing down and building a new facility. Some things aren’t worth saving.

Source: The Telegraph

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