Germany Might Set Up Middle East Chain Migration, Dope Citizens with “Love” Drug


After letting in almost a million badly vetted refugees from the Middle East with no idea of how to assimilate them, Germany has created ghettos of poor, angry Islamists throughout the country.

They are not done yet. They plan to keep doing it but also allow 390,000 of their migrants bring in their huge families next spring. The government says that’s only the beginning number, it will rise.

The Daily Caller reports that the Geneva Convention gives people with full asylum status the right to bring immediate family members to their new country of residence. Since 2015, more than 230,000 migrants in Germany have had their family reunification applications accepted and the number is expected to rise.

The tabloid Bild reported Tuesday that the government anticipates that as many as 390,000 people may be eligible for family reunification by the end of 2018. Around 267,000 of them come from Syria.

It may not happen but if it does, let’s hope they develop a game plan in a crowded country short of jobs for all of them.

The Germans also want to drug their citizens into loving the refugees and giving them money. We kid you not!

A drug called Oxytocin, laced with a female hormone Estrogen, is a supposed cure for “nationalism” which the left thinks is an illness. A new study insists it will make us all love refugees.

It’s called the “cuddle” drug.

Loving one’s country and believing in borders and sovereignty is a disease according to the German scientists who conducted the study.

The Daily Mail reported:

The researchers, from the University of Bonn in west Germany, claim their finding could eventually help people adapt to living around migrants.

The combined enhancement of oxytocin and peer influence could diminish selfish motives,’ study lead author Professor Rene Hurlemann said.

‘Given the right circumstances, oxytocin may help promote the acceptance and integration of migrants into Western cultures.

The scientists want to use this on citizens, not the violent rapists they are importing.

The study concludes that a combination of oxytocin nasal spray and social pressure from other doped up participants resulted in ‘xenophobic’ test subjects increasing donations to migrants by 74% – jumping from average of €1.79 to €3.11, Zerohedge reported.

[O]ur results imply that an OXT-enforced social norm adherence could be instrumental in motivating a more generalized acceptance toward ethnic diversity, religious plurality, and cultural differentiation resulting from migration by proposing that interventions to increase altruism are most effective when charitable social cues instill the notion that one’s ingroup shows strong affection for an outgroup.

Furthermore, UNESCO [a seriously unAmerican organization of leftists] has emphasized the importance of developing neurobiologically informed strategies for reducing xenophobic, hostile, and discriminatory attitudes (47). Thus, considering OXT-enforced normative incentives in developing future interventions and policy programs intended to reduce outgroup rejection may be an important step toward making the principle of social inclusion a daily reality in our societies.

How long before they put this crap in peoples’ food and water? These scientists want to dope European cultures and it won’t be long before the idea drifts across the sea.


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