Germany Suffered an Axe Attack, Machete Attack, Suicide Plot and Chemical Attack in 4 Days


Germany suffered through an axe attack, a machete attack, a suicide plot and a chemical attack in four days. This isn’t a fluke, it goes on all time since Angela Merkel took in more than 1.2 million migrants from terror nations.

The attack in Dusseldorf made news worldwide.

A Dusseldorf axe attacker in a train station was identified as Fatmir H., a mentally ill asylum seeker from Kosovo, Spiegel Online reported.

There is little doubt all terrorists are mentally unstable. Unfortunately, it’s an excuse if you’re in the EU and trying to excuse terrorism.

The attacker injured seven people, three seriously, one a 13-year old girl.

Look at what the mother of one victim posted – it’s heartbreaking.

Then there was the man in the car park.

An elderly man was attacked with a machete in a car park in Dusseldorf only a day after the train attack.

According to police, the 80-year-old victim suffered “blow-cut injuries”, but fortunately they’re not life threatening.

The 36-year-old suspect, whom the authorities say was acting alone and “had psychological problems”, was arrested after jumping off an overpass near the station.

He’s just mentally ill also.

Suicide bombers planned mass casualties on a soft target.

A shopping center was closed in Essen, Germany due to an imminent suicide attack police were tipped off to.

The German newspaper Bild reported multiple suicide bombers were plotting to attack the Limbecker Platz centre with explosives.

We’re certain they were simply mentally ill.

There was also an attack on a  train by youths wielding some type of gas.

It was a possible tear gas attack but it could have been a WMD attack in a train car of 50 people in Hamburg, Germany. Two youths threw the canisters into the train and ran. Children were crying, reporting eye and breathing problems. There are believed to be no serious injuries however.

Reporter Tim Pool has spent time in Europe investigating the problem of violent migrants. He heard reporters say that in Germany, it’s “like the Wild West”.

The next video is of Tim Pool’s interview with a Swedish psychologist who talks about why this is going on in Western European countries.

One immigrant from Syria warns it always begins with a unity of the leftists and the Islamists.

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