Get Ready for the $40 Big Mac!


SEIU is going to launch a nationwide strike in an attempt to force unionization on the fast food industry. They want fast food joints to pay their workers $15 an hour.

Why stop at $15 an hour, why not $30 or $50 as long as we are redistributing income??? Why should anyone be rich? Let’s spread the wealth so no one has any incentive to achieve. If it’s just as profitable to work at Taco Bell as it is to work as a chemist, save the tuition debt and go make tacos!

One day, they will be selling glass-encased Big Macs and fries at Sotheby auctions. The burgers will be relics of the past, whose only worth is as a valued piece of history.

SEIU is making hollow promises to the workers, claiming they will make $15 an hour to flip burgers, something that will never happen.

What the union leaders really want is to make SEIU even more powerful at the expense of the fast food industry.

Fast food restaurants work on small profit margins and cannot continue in business if they have to pay salaries like this. They will go the way of the now-defunct Hostess Cupcakes. The workers on the other hand will be compelled to pay mandatory dues on their low salaries.

Fast food work is not meant to be a career path.

SEIU is a socialist organization that is big on income redistribution.

Check out the email I received from the connivers at SEIU:



This is huge — and it couldn’t come at a more important time. Thousands of fast food and other low-wage workers are going on a national strike on August 29.

See why, and help us spread the word about the strike right now:

The more of us who go on strike, the louder our message will be that it’s not right for some of the wealthiest companies in the world to pay us pennies.

The most important thing you can do right now is help us be LOUD — check out our video and share it far and wide after you have.

We’ll be in touch with what’s next,

Nancy Salgado

One of the women in the video above complained that she can’t get 40 hours of work. Obamacare is forcing that to happen! Others complain that they don’t make enough. Hello?!? It’s a minimum wage job!

We don’t owe people huge salaries for low-level jobs.

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