Get Ready! Hillary’s Bumbling Foreign Policy Will Be Presented Tonight



This evening, Hillary is redoing that part of the last Democratic Debate she flunked, namely the foreign policy segment.

You should first know that she won’t take back Obama’s JV comment. She is saying we need more of a coalition but Obama claims we already have a 65-member coalition.

During the last debate, Hillary said she made a mistake voting for the war in Iraq, and she also said the war against ISIS is not America’s fight but America has to present leadership, whatever that means.

“We need to have a resolve that will bring the world together to root out the kind of radical jihadist ideology that motivates organizations like ISIS, the barbaric, ruthless, violence jihadist, terrorist group,” Clinton said at the second Democratic debate earlier this month. But she said the battle “cannot be an American fight” and that the U.S. instead will “support those who take the fight to ISIS.”

She supports the absolutely horrendous deal with Iran but instead of approving it, the Ayatollah is using it to systematically humiliate Obama – it drums up support for his radical views.

Hillary supports Obama sending a meager 50 military to fight ISIS which sounds more like a joke than a strategy.

Hillary did a terrible job running her illegal Libya war and when she answered questions during the debate, she suggested Libya is now a failed state because of the leaders they elected. She did not have a follow up plan but said she did during the debate though there obviously was none.

She lied about why we had to go in. That is a proven fact.

“We came, we saw, he died,” she cackled to a reporter after Gaddafi, an anti-Jihadi, was killed.

After the Primary, she will move to the center militarily but which Hillary is the real one?

Hillary supports Obama welcoming unvetted refugees.

Clinton supported every bit of Obama’s failed foreign policy.

As she campaigns, her speeches focus now on her relationships with foreign leaders, her trips to hot spots, and national security as well as the threat of the ever-growing Islamic State.

She suggests that she favors a more prominent military role for the U.S. overseas and indicates that she privately pressured Mr. Obama to take bolder steps in Syria. She hedges when asked about Obama’s policies and his underestimation of ISIS. She now publicly says ISIS cannot be “contained” but must be defeated.

Her speeches vary with the polls and are totally dependent on the polls.

Her foreign policy speech tonight is a do-over since she was unprepared during the last debate. She promised a more muscular foreign policy in September, reversed that during the debate, and now she’s back promising a more muscular foreign policy.

She will explain how she will defeat ISIS with her more “muscular” approach. The statement by her campaign read in part:

She will lay out her “strategy for defeating ISIS and eliminating the immediate threats it poses, as well as her plan for combating radical jihadism more broadly.”

“Clinton will lay out her vision for the role American leadership must play in supporting our allies, protecting our homeland, and forging a safer world,” the statement added.

You can check out all of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy accomplishments here.

I leave you with this video of Hillary sympathizing and empathizing with ISIS.