Get Your Ticket for the Chicago Gang Summit, Tickets Going Fast


gang members chicago 2010

Photo of gang members who attended a law enforcement gang summit in 2010. They were angry afterwards and felt they were tricked.

A Chicago Reverend has organized a gang member summit for next month. I give the Reverend credit for trying to do something about the gang violence in Chicago and I hope it will be successful but negotiating with terrorists, even domestic ones, is usually not advisable.

Rev. Gregory Tatum has planned a gang summit with hundreds of gang members in Chicago Sept. 27-28, which will be modeled after one that took place 20 years ago. Rev. Tatum wants to end the violence.

He has invited Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to speak though neither have responded yet.

When Jackson spoke at the last gang summit, he told ruthless gang members that they were the ‘new frontier of the civil rights struggle.’ Nice! Murderous gang members being recruited to hate white people under the banner of civil rights.

Rev. Tatum believes it’s an historic moment. It will be held at the Salem Baptist Church on the Far South Side.

In 2010, police held a gang summit and told the self-identified gang members about the consequences of their crimes. They then said they were tricked into coming. Giving urban terrorists credibility might not be such a good idea. A driveby with RPG’s would have been more effective. [To the humorless liberals out there, I’m kidding]

Summits by community people such as Reverend Tatum are said to have temporary success in some cases but they also can backfire, reinforcing rivalries, increasing gang cohesion, and solidifying gang leadership.

Good luck and God bless Reverend Tatum for trying.