Ghost Children of China



There are about 13 million children and adults in China who have no identity, many have been abandoned by their families. The children without families roam the land and beg for food. Others live with their families in anonymity. The parents are punished for having more than one child by making their second, and in some cases, third and fourth children, unable to go to school, get papers to work or even to marry. They are the ghost children of China.

Most government watchdogs believe the 13 million figure the government census puts out is actually two or three times that number.

The one-child policy which was implemented in 1980 by the communist government actually had its roots ten years earlier when they feared they had too many children to support. That policy has just been altered and two children will be allowed per family. It seems they have too many elderly and too few young to support them.

Women have been subjected to forced abortions and sterilizations, homes have been razed as punishment, all for the State and their vicious mandate.

Our “liberal” vice president said he understands it and wouldn’t second-guess it.

He feels that way because he is a big government politician and once on the path to government control and collectivism, any nation could end up with inhumane policies like this one.

Since 1971, China has seen a total of 336 million abortions, completed 196 million sterilizations, and inserted 403 million intrauterine devices.

“In many parts of China, you are forced to have an IUD inserted, and sometimes they check three or four times a year to ensure it’s still there and you aren’t pregnant,” says one medical professional. “There are so many concerns, not only coercion and forced sterilizations, but also medical, safety and ethics issues,” Vocative reported.

Draconian social engineering has been a failure. It has brought unnecessary suffering and millions of ghosts.

Every one in China gets an identity card, a household identification card, issued by the communist government but not ghosts. Without it, the people are relegated to anonymity and can’t live a normal life.

Ghosts can’t even get medical care unless a sympathetic doctor is on call.

The rich can buy their way into as many children as they want. They simply pay a fine. For the average Chinese person, the fine would literally take a lifetime to pay.

The 1970s fear of overpopulation hit many countries.  India oversaw a campaign that forcibly sterilized 8 million women in the 1970s. Bangladesh paid women to be sterilized. Indonesia set reproductive targets for local leaders to enforce.

It wasn’t until 1980 when the population hit 800 million that China decided to enforce the policy. Prior to that it was voluntary. In 1971, China set rules delaying the age of marriage and the length of time between births. They had already started handing out free birth control in the 1960s.

The 1970s also saw the beginning of forced sterilizations and abortions.

The ghost children are in danger of being kidnapped by the birth police and mothers won’t let their children play without supervision.

A Ghost is also known as a “black child” or heihaizi. The new change in the one-child policy does not deal with the ghosts. Children born to unwed mothers share the same fate and all are treated as near-criminals.

The new policy only applies to a family in which one or both parents are an only child.

Millions of Chinese men can’t find wives because the female babies are often the ones that are aborted or killed even after they are born. The fines and bribes for women who have more than one child are still in place despite the law.

It’s very nice of VP Biden to be so understanding and so willing to not second guess this evil.



    • There are agencies that dealt with Chinese adoptions but China might have stopped them. The problem with adopting these children is they do not have papers and the Chinese government won’t give them any.

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