Gillibrand Calls for Gun Confiscation, It’s What They All Want


The senator from New York, Kristen Gillibrand is proposing a mandatory federal buyback program for assault weapons and criminal prosecution for gun owners who do not sell those firearms to the government. That is called gun confiscation.

“I think we should ban assault weapons as well as large magazines, and as part of passing that ban, do a buyback program across the country so that those who own them can be … compensated for the money that they spent. But I think both of those ideas are strong,” Gillibrand told CNN.

“You don’t want people to retain them because if you make them illegal, you don’t want to grandfather in all the assault weapons that are all across America,” Gillibrand said when pressed on whether such a buyback program should be mandatory. “You would like people to sell them back to the government so that you can make sure people who shouldn’t have access to these weapons couldn’t have them.”

She is also making a bid to bring back federal legislation that would make selling guns to a prohibited possessor worth 20 years in federal prison. People can’t always know if someone is prohibited, but they will go to jail anyway. There are laws that already cover that.

The guns, which she calls ‘assault weapons’ in the clip below are actually semi-automatics. Assault weapons is a made-up term.

This is what all the 2020 Democrats want.

Gillibrand simply wants to look like she’s tough on crime without having to actually do anything at all about the actual problem of crime.

This is the woman who can’t be trusted’s love letter to the NRA:

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