Gillibrand Unveils the Democrat Agenda When They Take Back Congress! It’s a Stunner!


People on the right dream of freedom but those on the left stay awake at night worrying about if and how they can control us. If Democrats [Socialists] get what they want, we will end up in a Civil War of some type. One New York senator, who also wants to be president, revealed the upcoming Democrat agenda this weekend and it’s a stunner!

Kirsten Gillibrand made an appearance at the New York OZY festival in Central Park this weekend. The host’s introduction to Gillibrand began with surreal comments claiming Democrats make a lot of concessions but Republicans are obstructionists. The host called for no compromises whatsoever.

That is what Democrats are doing now — obstructing.


The host wanted to know what the Democrat agenda is once they take back the Congress. Gillibrand was very clear about what the agenda should be: abolish ICE, maintain open borders in the name of humanitarianism, go for Communist healthcare, and pass extreme gun control immediately.

“So when we flip the House and flip the Senate, I think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who have been separated from their families at the border. I think we should get rid of ICE,” Gillibrand said.

“We should separate out two missions, the anti-terrorism mission, the national security mission, and then on the other side make sure you do, making sure you’re looking at immigration as a humanitarian issue,” Gillibrand added.

Interior enforcement will become a social work agency in other words.

“These are civil issues, these are families, look at it as the economic engine that it is, that immigration is our strength, our diversity is what makes our country and our economy so strong,” she said.

The economy has not done well under leftist policies but Gillibrand doesn’t let facts get in the way.

“I think we should pass the gun reform issues within the first month — all of them. Universal background checks, anti-trafficking, making sure people can’t buy bump stocks, large magazine clips, all that work,” she said.

This is the candidate who pretended to be pro-gun when she first ran for the Senate. She said at the time that she keeps two guns under her bed for protection. After one meeting with Chuck Schumer, she abandoned her position on the Second Amendment.

The senator also wants ‘Medicare for All’, aka Communist Single Payer healthcare. It’s unaffordable, but she will never be asked to show how it can be done.

Gillibrand said “this is what the American people want.”

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