Gillum Says DeSantis Supports Slavery, Labels Him & Trump “Pigs”


The Democrat candidate for Governor in Florida is reportedly under criminal investigation by the FBI. His city has the highest crime rate in the state of Florida. He wants to raise taxes and give freebies to illegal aliens.

The press has been perversely biased in his favor.

The seemingly corrupt socialist/communist Andrew Gillum might have finally gone too far with his lies, however. He can’t run on the issues because his views are very unpopular, the 40 percent tax on businesses among the top ten. Therefore, he insults and he lies.

Gillum blatantly lied about a book De Santis wrote, claiming it justified slavery which it does not do.

He also ripped De Santis for using the common expression, “monkey it up”. Neither South African Trevor Noah or Gillum ever heard this commonly-used expression used in this manner. That’s another lie or they’ve been living under a rock.



The DeSantis campaign has responded to Gillum’s disgusting lies in a statement, calling the campaign’s latest efforts, an effort to distract. The statement released by his communications director Stephen Lawson mentions the “countless news reports of him asking for and taking free stuff from lobbyists, using city funds to pay for a trip related to his campaign, accepting contributions from an undercover FBI agent and not reporting it in his disclosures.”

It also addresses the lies told by Gillum about the book which actually does the “opposite.” It “explains what historians say. He does not defend anything. In fact, he lauds Thurgood Marshall for his legal offensive against racial segregation and even says how not abolishing slavery in the Constitution was a failure.”

The book praises the Constitution and nowhere in the book does it do anything but condemn slavery.

The clever conniving politician also called President Trump and former Rep. DeSantis “pigs” while pretending he’s above all that. He used an expression as cover.

“I think for me, my grandmother used to have this saying, ‘Never, ever, ever wrestle with pigs,’ she said, ‘because you both get dirty, but the pig actually likes it.’”

And that was important for me because what I realize is what DeSantis and Trump want to do is drag me into the gutter with them, right?”

“They can survive getting dirty. I can’t survive getting dirty, because what they want to do is have me fit a stereotype.”

“I’ve got to be cool and collected and precise, non-defensive, but also have the ability to land a punch where it’s necessary.”

In case you are wondering how the lying communist/socialist is doing — he’s winning. The election is being bought. Leftists Tom Steyer and George Soros have put a small fortune into the race so Florida can become a test case for the far-left.

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