Gilroy Shooter Also Had Reading Materials on Radical Islam


Police found extremist reading materials, which included radical Islamic propaganda, among the items during the early Monday search. The source was not authorized to speak to the media and asked to remain anonymous.

Police turned up empty ammunition boxes, a gas mask, a knife, reading materials about radical Islam and white supremacy, and a camouflage backpack and an empty bottle of Valium, according to the Chronicle.

The media keeps talking about the white supremacist book and not the radical Islamic material.

An Instagram account purportedly belonging to the shooter also referenced white supremacist ideology, recommending “Might is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard.

The hard-left hate group Southern Poverty Law Center is trying to claim it’s normal for neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

“It’s widely popular and present among ethnocentric white nationalists of all levels, from suit-and-tie white supremacists to neo-Nazis,” Keegan Hankes, a senior analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s intelligence project, told Rolling Stone.

There is no such thing as a white nationalist. There are nationalists and there’s no ‘white’ anything. As far as their proclamation, we don’t know his motives and they could be anything. He was unhinged.

Federal and local law enforcement are still investigating Legan’s motives. It’s hard to know what his motives are when his tastes run the gamut.

“I would say that we are not closer to understanding that motive, what happens within the psyche of a 19-year-old kid. I can’t speak to that,” Craig Fair of the San Francisco FBI office told the Associated Press. “Determining the motive is an exceptionally important thing for law enforcement to try to understand one, why they did it, and two, are they acting in collaboration with any other individuals. Are they inspired by some other organization? Were they radicalized online? What were the real factors that induced this person to take this kind of heinous action.”

The story is starting to fade from the media even though it seems like a good propaganda tool. We can’t imagine why.

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