Gingrich Lashes Out at Trump’s Handling of the Firing of “Liar” Comey


On Friday, Newt Gingrich told Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends to watch James Comey’s face as he talks. This was as a clip of an interview was played.

Gingrich said, “You’re looking at a guy who around the 7th grade practiced sincerity. ‘I didn’t really mean to hit the car. I don’t know how the baseball got out of my hands. I think my cousin must have done it. Because I couldn’t have done it.’ This pained, ‘I hate throwing McCabe under the bus.’”

Gingrich said, “…he taught himself at an early age a series of self-serving emotions, which he uses over. Watch him for a couple of hours of this stuff, he uses it over and over and over. This guy is almost a pathological liar.”

We’ve been wondering at the Sentinel if Andrew McCabe was telling the truth about having leaked with Comey’s blessing. Why believe James Comey over Andrew McCabe? They both broke the law. Don’t forget Loretta Lynch called Comey a liar also.

Gingrich also mentioned Comey’s slimy handling of the dossier on Outnumbered.

He said, “Comey’s memos, they indicate he deliberately told the president about the Russian dossier so that CNN could be leaked. All of the stuff was alive. It’s still a lie. Given what we are learning from Comey, why does Mueller even have an operation? Based on a series of lies by James Comey?”


Gingrich expressed frustration Sunday on the Fox News show over how the President handled the firing of Comey. He said he should have put the letter from Rod Rosenstein out into the public and let it get tossed around. It was devastating and people would have demanded Comey’s firing.

In that memo, Rosenstein wrote he “cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken.”

Gingrich was highly critical of the President, which may or may not be fair. Trump was very inexperienced at the time.

“First of all, I urge everybody to read the original Rosenstein memo about Comey, which Trump totally mishandled,” Gingrich said Sunday.

“What Trump should have done is release that memo in a state of shock,” he added.

“Let the country, through Sunday talk shows, deal with the memo. It’s devastating. It’s clear that if you got that memo and you’re the president, you would have fired Comey.”


“This whole thing is a circus and I think we need to understand that. We’re not dealing with a traditional, legal process. We are dealing with a highly politicized process,” Gingrich said.

In a recent Op-Ed for Fox News, Gingrich called Comey’s book “the Comey anti-Trump novel.”

“Make no mistake, this book is a work of political fiction in which Saint Comey was perfect in his treatment of Hillary Clinton, perfect in his treatment of President Trump, and perfect in his reflection every time he looked in the mirror,” Gingrich wrote

“The book is, of course, the angry diatribe of an embittered, fired employee. Anyone who has had to fire someone who was convinced they were right and you were wrong can appreciate the intensity of Comey’s anger. That intensity and that bitterness flows throughout the book,” the former House speaker added.


White House Fires James Comey by The Hill Newspaper on Scribd

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