GITMO Grad Stars in Al Qaeda Terror Magazine


Ibrahim al Qosi
Ibrahim al Qosi

Barack Obama continues to release vicious GITMO terrorists in order to close the detention facility down. He does not care that these are people plan to kill Americans, US soldiers and allies.

Ex-Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim al Qosi has been the poster boy for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) propaganda since early December, when he first revealed that he is a senior leader in the group. He has been out since 2012 and he’s not even the worst of them.

Qosi has been addressing terrorists in Saudi Arabia, encouraging them to rebel against their government. Recently, they railed against the execution of more than 40 terrorist “mujahideen”. He said they were killed for declaring jihad against the “Crusaders” and opposed American interests.

Some people thought Obama’s prayer breakfast speech demonizing Christians over the ancient Crusades was actually a dog whistle. Even if it wasn’t, it was particularly egregious because it’s the jihadists’ battle cry.

Most of us who have studied history also remember that Christians were trying to evict Muslims from their lands after they committed terrible deeds against Christians.


Qosi talked about al Qaeda’s jihad against the Saudi regime, saying Osama bin Laden was motivated by America’s supposed “occupation” of Arabia’s two holiest sanctuaries. Bin Laden repeatedly warned the Saudis about the American presence, but the monarchy resisted calls to end the alliance. According to Qosi, more than 400 scholars signed a letter decrying the situation.

After bin Laden spent “years” living outside of Saudi Arabia, he decided to call for jihad against the “American occupiers,” but not the Saudi government or military. Qosi says bin Laden limited his call for holy war to the Americans because he wanted to avoid “internal strife and confusion” among Muslims, who may not have understood his motivations.

Qosi goes on and on railing against America. It’s the jihadi excuse for raping and pillaging as if it were the year 700.

Obama also thinks America is responsible for every ill in the world.

Qosi was a bin Laden servant and never should have been released.

Qosi also praised the youth for waging jihad in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina (during the mid-1990s), and Somalia. He contrasts their dedication to the jihadists’ cause with the Saudi monarchy’s alleged betrayal, arguing that the government is allied with forces opposed to the mujahideen in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Qosi ends his lecture by calling for the youth to join the jihad in Yemen, saying AQAP will “welcome any noble muhajir” (immigrant or foreign fighter) who abandons “the world behind him.”

“We wage jihad” and stand together against the “Crusader-rejectionist [Shiite] campaign,” Qosi says.

Qosi was transferred from Guantanamo to his home country of Sudan in July 2012. His first public appearance as an al Qaeda leader came in a video, “Guardians of Sharia,” which was released online by AQAP in early December.

Qosi also reaffirmed his allegiance to the Taliban emir and Zawahiri.

Al Qaeda has relocated part of its global management team from South Asia to Yemen. Therefore, some jihadists have been both AQAP leaders and managers in al Qaeda’s global network. It is possible that Qosi, who served directly under Osama bin Laden in the 1990s, is serving in that capacity today.

Qosi is only one of the many terrorists who have returned to the battlefield or, in his case, are waging a propaganda war that they are winning. Barack Obama is releasing the worst of the worst and he doesn’t care a bit.

Source: Long War Journal

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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

Thanks. I enjoy your approach to informing.