Giuliani blasts Gov Newsom’s bill allowing kiddies to run amok in schools


Rudy Giuliani responded on Twitter to the new bill signed by far-far-left Governor Gavin Newsom which makes it almost impossible to suspend defiant students.

If students act up or commit acts of violence in class, teachers and school officials will no longer be able to suspend them. They will have to rely on restorative justice which is based on several misconceptions and false theories. One of those theories is implicit bias in all things and in all places.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani retweeted a video showing the violent beating of a white female teacher by two black female students.

Giuliani said he thought the beating took place in a California school where Newsom is governor. He also asked if the far-far-left teachers’ union will step up.

Even if it’s not a California school, his comments still apply. As for the union, don’t count on it.


Famed economist Walter Williams has a good article up at The Daily Wire summarizing and commenting on research at City Journal about the wages of crime and the correlation with liberal policies.

First of all, criminologists mislead us because liberal criminologists outnumber conservative by 30 to 1 and they don’t want to ruin their careers with the truth.

The truth is crime rates explode under liberal policies.

Disproportionate black involvement in violent crime represents the elephant in the room. You won’t hear about the black on black crime or the polar bear hunting, flash mobs, or knockout games.

A lot of this disproportionate crime has to do with the destruction of the Black family.

Williams concludes with the solution:

“We should re-adopt the values and practices of our ancestors. Black families of yesteryear were mainly two-parent and stable, even during slavery. Black people didn’t tolerate property destruction. There were few school fights. Disrespect and assaults on teachers were virtually unknown. These are now all too common. The strong character of black people is responsible for the great progress made from emancipation to today. Find a 70-, 80- or 90-year-old black person and ask him whether today’s conduct among black youth would have been tolerated yesteryear. I guarantee you that no will be their answer.”


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