Giuliani responds to Fox host calling him an “unethical disaster,” a “grifter”


Fox News host Steve Hilton raged against Rudy Giuliani on his show Sunday night, calling for the President to “dump” him. Giuliani is Trump’s personal lawyer.

Hilton also included as “grifters,” reporter John Solomon, attorneys Joe diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing, in his rant.

The host of “The Next Revolution” unloaded Sunday on the former New York City mayor as an “unethical disaster” while also calling out other “grifters” who have led Trump “astray” in the Ukraine controversy.

Hilton claimed the Ukraine “fiasco” started with“wild stories cooked up by a Ukrainian oligarch and amplified” by his lawyers, including Giuliani. [He must be taking the House Democrat witnesses seriously]

He went on to argue that Giuliani was using his relationship with the president to “enrich himself,” referring to a New York Times report making that claim, which was followed by a repeat article at WaPo.

“It turns out that the former mayor’s own personal business interests are wrapped up in all of this. To put it simply, he’s been trying to enrich himself on the back of his relationship with President Trump,” Hilton said.

Hilton’s all wet and got his information from the NY Times and Washington Post articles. That is poor reporting. He should have called Giuliani for comment, in the least.


The former NY City mayor, Rudy Guiliani let Hilton have it on Twitter. Guiliani said he didn’t do any deals in Ukraine and he is threatening to sue Hilton.

Rudy Giuliani is “outraged” by Hilton for suggesting President Trump “dump” him as his personal lawyer. He should at least demand a retraction.

We don’t trust Hilton here at the Sentinel. He goes rogue and he doesn’t stick with conservatives on key issues. We’re not sure what he stands for at all.

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