Giuliani Says the Fraudulent Steele Dossier Started in Ukraine


Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rudy Giuliani this morning on Morning Futures getting a clear explanation for the investigation he conducted in Ukraine and the reasons for it.

The former New York City mayor said he was not digging up dirt on the Bidens, he was investigating the origins of the Steele dossier because no one else would.

“I want you to connect the dots for us here. Why was the early contents of the Steele dossier, which we know Hillary Clinton paid for … that started in Ukraine?” Bartiromo asked.

“You’re darn right it did,” Giuliani responded. “One of the cases that was dismissed by Biden is the case on George Soros’ company, which was funding a lot of the false information that was produced in the Ukraine.”

Giuliani said he was not digging up the dirt and he was upset with the media, specifically naming Fox New’s Chris Wallace, for claiming that was the motive.

“…I was investigating allegations that go back to November of last year,” he said. “before Biden was even a candidate, of massive corruption that interfered with the information that I could have used to ward off the entire Mueller probe.”

“When we get that information, plus a little bit more, I think we’re going to be pretty close to showing that this was an entire frame-up in which four or five governments were involved and somebody in Obama-land was orchestrating it,” he continued.

Bartiromo then asked a question most want to be answered.

“Where are the indictments? I asked you this yesterday — when are we going to see [Attorney General] Bill Barr come out and explain how Donald Trump was framed,” she asked Giuliani. “And what about John Durham’s investigation. How come this is taking so long? Half of the country still thinks he colluded. You know that.”

Giuliani replied that he had “to be very discreet about this,” and then diverted to Republicans in the Senate.

“They’ve known this corruption by Biden,” he said, suggesting that because Biden is an ex-Senator, he may be getting leeway.

Bartiromo would later talk about Democrats confusing the American people on what went on. Half of America thinks the President is about to be impeached and put out of office.

Rudy thinks he is getting the message out.

“I must be doing a pretty good job or they wouldn’t want to silence me,” he said. “If I was screwing up, do you think they wouldn’t let me just keep going? I’m pretty proud of the fact — I think I’m the first guy that a presidential campaign was stupid enough to say let’s silence him. I know why they’re doing it.”

“They know I have the affidavits and the facts,” he added. “They deal with lies. All the time. And they lie so much and the press doesn’t call them on it.”


The President responded on Twitter to get his viewpoint out rather than let the media define him. The media called this a rampage. You decide.

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