Give Michael Bloomberg His Due


Newsday reported today that Michael Bloomberg is ending his 12 years in office with thank you calls to the families of city workers who died while on duty.

Sixty-nine workers – police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers et al – have died.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg

He doesn’t have to make these calls. He’s leaving office and he gains nothing from it. It’s a very nice thing to do.

Tatyana Timoshenko told the NY Times that she heard from the mayor a few weeks ago. Her son, police officer Russel Timoshenko, was shot during a traffic stop July 2007 and died of his injuries days later. His mother says Bloomberg told her he’ll always remember what her son did for the city.

The city is still looking for 10 or 15 more that haven’t been found as of yet.

Happy New Year Mayor Bloomberg! Nice work!