Glenn Beck Who Called Trump Supporters Nazis, Liars, Racists Becomes One


Ardent NeverTrumper Glenn Beck, who called Trump followers “nastiest people in the world” and compared them to Nazis and KKK, now says he is a Trump follower. That’s right, after ruining his TV show, his fan base, and trying to singlehandedly destroy Donald Trump, he wants to join followers on the train.

Welcome aboard, I guess.

After betraying Trump and his followers to the far-left, going on their shows to trash Trump and his followers, he has become a Trump follower.

He said Trump was grooming Nazi-like followers. At another time, he said Tea Partiers who support Trump are ‘racists’ and ‘liars’.

The once-third most popular radio host compared Trump to Hitler. He warned that Trump was a possible “extinction-level event” for American democracy and capitalism.

Beck told Trump’s followers they were going to Hell and Barack Obama was the best. He was so sorry he ever said a bad word about Obama and that wonderful First Lady Michelle. Perhaps he mistakenly thought the left would embrace him.

He even attacked Senator Ted Cruz on radio for supporting Trump after the election.

Now, after all that, he’s a Trumpster. Watch the video at the end where he jumps on the Trump train. It’s a dramatic change. He’s happy with a lot of things Trump is doing.


Remember when author Brad Thor and Glenn Beck went on and on and Thor discussed getting someone to end Trump’s life because all other avenues had been explored?

During that same conversation, Brad compared Trump to Mussolini, Chavez, Perrone. Thor and Beck predicted that Trump would tell the American people cancel the Constitution so he can improve the economy.

Thor didn’t realize the U.S. government itself would use its agencies to try to arrange a coup d’état and the real enemy was the Deep State planted by Obama.

Beck got kicked off Sirius Radio for it. That was April 13 2016.

The four minute mark in the audio below is where they begin that line of reasoning. Beck didn’t correct Thor or stop him, he continued the conversation enthusiastically, saying anyone who votes for Trump is “selling out their principles.”


Glenn Beck told CNN that Trump had followers who were racist Nazis and KKK. He said Steve Bannon is definitely a White nationalist.

Beck said we wouldn’t vote for Trump because he is a ‘sociopath’.

He added that his followers will go to Hell or some terrible place.

In February 2016, Beck was in Nevada campaigning on behalf of Ted Cruz at the caucus. The failing talk show host denounced Trump’s supporters as ‘brown shirts’. Trump had made an impromptu performance right before he appeared.

Beck took to Facebook to protest the behavior of Trump supporters, describing them as “some of the nastiest people I have ever been with.”

The NeverTrumper compared Trump’s supporters to Hitler’s notorious paramilitary group known as the “Brownshirts.” “I believe Trump, whether he knows it or not, is grooming brown shirts,”

Beck went on far-left Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press to trash Trump supporters. He compared Trump supporters to Nazis.

Glenn Beck said, “I warned about this. You know, when they were mocking me for bringing up Nazis the reason why I did many of the times was to warn about the rise of uber-right in Europe that would lead into America and it’s happening.”

Because wanting a border wall is acting just like the Nazis?

Beck is the great catastrophizer.

What didn’t Beck get? Trump’s followers are Beck’s (or were Beck’s) followers.

With that as a background, consider now that Glenn Beck has abandoned all his principles to become a Trump Supporter. That’s right, he has jumped on the Trump Train.

Beck says Trump will sweep it in 2020. He has done “remarkable” things, he said.

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