Global Climate Talks Fail — Because They Didn’t Have U.S. $$$


Trump’s empty chair at the global summit.

The Washington Post bemoaned the failure of the global climate talks in Madrid this past week. Attendees were “bleary-eyed” and desperate. They know we must “avert steadily worsening climate disasters.” Even though it’s an imminent disaster, they couldn’t come up with one resolution. Could it be because they didn’t have the deep pockets of the U.S. government?

WaPo writes:

Global climate talks lurched to an end here Sunday with finger-pointing, accusations of failure and fresh doubts about the world’s collective resolve to slow the warming of the planet — at a moment when scientists say time is running out for humans to avert steadily worsening climate disasters.

After more than two weeks of negotiations, punctuated by raucous protests and constant reminders about the need to move faster, bleary-eyed negotiators barely mustered enthusiasm for the compromise they had patched together while raising grievances about the many issues that remain unresolved.

At a gathering where the mantra “Time for Action” was plastered throughout the hallways and on the walls, the negotiators failed to achieve their primary goals. Central among them: convincing the world’s largest carbon-emitting countries to pledge to tackle climate change more aggressively beginning in 2020…

…As officials scrambled to finalize a complex set of rules to implement the 2015 Paris climate accord, a handful of larger-emitting countries squared off again and again against smaller, more vulnerable countries. In particular, negotiators came to loggerheads while crafting rules around a fair and transparent global carbon trading system, and pushed the issue to next year. Fights also dragged on about how to provide funding to poorer nations already coping with rising seas, crippling droughts and other consequences of climate change.

This was our favorite paragraph:

But Sunday’s conclusion raised new doubts about whether key nations would rise to that challenge. Already, many countries are not keeping the promises they made in Paris in 2015, when leaders vowed to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) — and to try to remain below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

They aren’t keeping their promises! Shocker! This is what the President has complained about. It’s what got him in trouble with Democrats. He doesn’t like funding corrupt deadbeats and he wasn’t sure where Ukraine stood.

These nations do not follow through on their commitments. They merely wanted us to pay for everyone as we have for decades.

This is what Democrats want to sign us up for — we give the world our money while we are deeply in debt and they spend it.

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