Global Warming Alert: Polar Bears Are In Danger Because of Too Much Ice


In 2008, polar bears were put on the endangered species list, not because they are endangered, but because they might be endangered by global warming. Last year, both NOAA and NASA released data for the global surface temperature for 2012 which showed a ‘pause’ in global surface temperature since 1997, a pause which appears to be continuing. Statistically, there has been no trend in global temperatures from 1997 to the present.

The first animal to be put on the endangered list because of global warming is the polar bear.

As it turns out, polar bears are in danger, but not from global warming, from too much ice.

CNS News has the story:

“Five meters of ice– about 16 feet thick – is threatening the survival of polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea region along Alaska’s Arctic coast, according to Dr. Susan J. Crockford, an evolutionary biologist in British Columbia who has studied polar bears for most of her 35-year career.”

“That’s because the thick ice ridges could prevent ringed seals, the bears’ major prey, from creating breathing holes they need to survive in the frigid waters, Crockford told”

In 2006, shortly before the polar bear was listed as threatened, leading climate scientist Charles Monnett claimed the polar bear was in danger of drowning. He was suspended in 2011 for having made it all up. The suspension said it was for unspecified “integrity issues” apparently linked to his report that polar bears could face an increased threat of death if they’re forced to swim farther as Arctic ice recedes, reports…”, according to Newser.

His suspension was later lifted but he was not given his original job back.

Meanwhile, the children are being brainwashed as if the truth was never revealed.

Check out my friend’s grandson’s homework:


The polar bears are fine but I’m sure Al Gore will say there is too much ice because of global warming.




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