Global Warming Hysterics Say the Changing Climate Causes Diabetes


A report published by BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, an academic medical publication, claims that rising global temperatures are tied to type-2 diabetes.

Titled “Diabetes incidence and glucose intolerance prevalence increase with higher outdoor temperature,” the researchers say for every 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature, there is an age-adjusted diabetes incidence increase of 0.314 per 1,000 people.

Huff Po has more. Eight Dutch researchers came up with this easily debunked theory.

Watts Up With That author Eric Worrall said the Dutch researchers’ data “seems quite noisy” and contains some puzzling contradictions.

“The state of South Carolina (average annual temperature 63F) shows a strong correlation between diabetes and temperature, but the state of Louisiana (average annual temperature 69F) shows a strong negative correlation,” wrote Worrall. “Arizona (average annual temperature 75F) also shows a negative correlation.”

Worrall says factors other than higher temperatures offer better explanations.

“In addition, the impact of the factors the study attempted to adjust for is likely significantly larger than the impact demonstrated by the study,” wrote Worrall.

“For example, the following, from a 2007 study of body mass index vs. diabetes, shows a strong relationship between body mass and diabetes, ranging from below 5% for skinny people to around 25% for very fat people – a far more pronounced effect than the small difference claimed by the climate study above,” Worrall wrote.

Worrall doesn’t completely rule out all of their theory.

Anything is possible but global warming hysterics think everything, including terrorism, is the result of weather changing.

“I’m not saying the authors are necessarily wrong, they appear to have made a credible attempt to tease out a small effect from a noisy data set,” wrote Worrall. “But even if they are right, factors other than temperature are far more significant predictors of whether someone is likely to suffer from diabetes.”

If researchers used more common sense and less contrived thought, they’d do a better job.

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