Global Warming, The New Political Science Of Our Era


The article summarized below was sent to me by my friend at Popular Technology.

The biggest problem for me in the climate change/global warming debate is it’s more political science than science and it’s being manipulated by politicians.

President Obama has taken over the climate change/global warming debate and made the science into a political science to be manipulated by him and those who agree with him. He is working closely with the U.N. on the issue and that should concern people.

He has said that climate science is resolved. Climate change is a fact, he declared.


It’s accurate to say the climate is changing, but there is no real evidence that humans or humans alone are causing it or that humans can do anything about it. Certainly the science is not decided.

Climate Is Changing, Some Parks Are Endangered, But Humans Aren’t the Cause was published last week in National Parks Traveler and it’s well worth reading.

Written by Daniel B. Botkin, professor Emeritus in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of California Santa Barbara, it gives a very different perspective on the issue of endangered National Parks and Monuments.

The Professor’s conclusion:

“Conclusion: our addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere does not appear to be increasing Earth’s temperature. Whatever is happening to Earth’s climate does not seem to be our fault.”

His article was in response to a recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The esteemed Professor, who has been involved in studying exactly this since 1968, began the article by exposing the report as a regurgitation of a U.N. report from the United National Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The report – if you haven’t already guessed – says we’re in trouble and it’s all our fault. The authors claim rising sea levels, floods, wildfires, extreme heat and drought are damaging our National Parks because of global warming [global warming has not occurred in 18 years].

The report is consistent with the 2014 White House Climate Change Assessment, unsurprisingly.

Professor Botkin elaborated on what to do about it using Back Bay Fens Park and Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge as examples and then went into the scientific evidence that contradicts the global warming theorists.

One by one, he examines the finding by the Union of Concerned Scientists which concludes: “Sea level rise, coastal erosion, increased flooding, heavy rains, and more frequent large wildfires are damaging archaeological resources, historic buildings, and cultural landscapes across the nation.”

You have to read the article because my summary won’t do it justice, but the key points follow.

“The climate models do not even come close to forecasting actual temperature change; they forecast a huge, steady increase. In contrast, as you can see in the graph, the temperature has varied a little, as it always does, has not changed.”

Check out the predictions:


Climate has always been changing. Professor Botkin was able to conclude from his considered analysis that “our addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere does not appear to be increasing Earth’s temperature.”

In terms of the sea levels rising: “‘What about the claim that sea level rise is another factor ‘damaging archaeological resources, historic buildings, and cultural landscapes across the nation?’ Well, the sea level has been rising since the end of the last Ice Age, starting about 14,000 years ago as the continental and mountain glaciers have melted and sea water has expanded with the overall warming.'”

Check his graph out:


The professor adds: “Yes, sea-level rise is definitely a problem, but it is not a problem simply because it is our fault. It is a problem that we just haven’t bothered to face up to in any serious way until the global warming issue captured our attention.”

The Professor points out that the “main concern often expressed about sea levels is that severe ocean storms do greater damage than indicated by the simple rise in the water level. Therefore, it is necessary for us to look at how the frequency of severe storms has changed over time.” However, graphs show variation over time but no overall increase.

The claim is that there is an increase in the frequency of extremely hot days, but this is controversial and there are a number of graphs that show “there has not been an increase in the average number of very hot days.”

The following graph represents a summary from all United States Historical Climatology Network weather stations that have been in operation since 1930.


Wildfire frequency has NOT increased according to a graph from U.S. governmental agencies.


Professor Botkin has much more to say and he has solutions which can be found at National Parks Traveler.

One most inconvenient fact in the global warming debate is that Al Gore, the mastermind of the lucrative fundraiser for Democrats and the U.N., was a bad science student at Harvard. Yet, he has become the spokesperson for something he knows little about. His movie Inconvenient Truth was filled with factual errors.

The founder of The Weather Channel thinks it’s all hogwash.


We must take good care of our planet and certainly there is some good science on the side of the global warming terrorists like Barack Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore. The problem is they are overstating, inventing, abusing and shutting down science, something that is in direct opposition to what science is supposed to be. They’ve set us back a hundred years and redefined science as a political science.


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