Globalist-Funded Invasion Is the ‘New Normal’ You Racists!


George Soros the communist.


The invasion of cheap labor orchestrated by the traitorous billionaire/open border globalists is starting to hit “pockets of resistance” among citizens but how do you fight billionaires like George Soros, and the others who have betrayed our sovereignty for their globalist ambitions? Check out the linked article at the end which gives some insight into the ultimate goal of a country within a country.

“The Partnership for a New American Economy”, a globalist open borders organization and “Welcoming America”, a Marxist open borders group, have joined forces to send illegal immigrants and refugees who will not assimilate throughout our nation.

Welcoming America is funded in part by the Open Society and George Soros. George Soros hates America and hopes to bring us down and make us into his Socialist Utopia. He’s winning. This strategy works. He’s also behind much of the mass invasion of the EU.

Chris Berg of KXJB in Fargo, ND, reported on the invasion in North Dakota and named some of the leaders who include Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Julian Castro, Bob Iger of Disney and George Soros. If you don’t know who these people are, they are all open borders, anti-Second Amendment, pro-PC leftists to varying degrees though some are only in it for the money and they are all in it for the money.

In North Dakota, 57% of the people don’t want these resettled refugees and other immigrants but they have no power. None of us do.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, one of the religious non-profits that are facilitating the invasion, is holding its second Building Bridges conference according to the North Dakota reporter Chris Berg who appears in the video below. The theme is “Hope Renewed, A Chance to Thrive.” It doesn’t stop there. The Lutheran group, which receives a lot of funding for its largesse, is holding a panel, “Changing Demographics – Diversity A New Normal.”

You are supposed to just accept that the invasion of people coming in who will never be assimilated in our lifetimes are the new normal and they must be welcomed, you bigot!

Do some research on your own. Just start hitting these links and go from there. You will be shocked at the massive push to inundate us with foreigners who will probably never assimilate and who will change our country forever.

The US State Department is opening the conference because this is a government committing treason.

Many of these people are being settled in red states, conservative areas, suburbs – all the places of resistance that the Marxists hate so.

Aberdeen, South Dakota is a new site as well.

If you resist during their ever-widening migration areas grow, the Welcoming America leftists will descend on the community and cowardly politicians to bully and coerce.

The migration and their leftist handlers have taken over my region. We no longer deport and we must welcome anyone who sets foot into our counties, no matter how much we have to pay for their upkeep. The illegals and the refugees do not have to assimilate but the communities are expected to “adapt” to them. It’s multiculturalism and it’s the PC thing to do.

My region is tied to a Central American Refugee Center. It is called a refugee center for a reason. Many illegal immigrants are being treated as refugees which puts them in line for a great deal of taxpayer-funded entitlements and, more importantly, puts them on an expedited path to citizenship. The people who run the center are serious leftists who sign these “immigrants” up for the Democratic Party.

Many illegals are now treated as refugees even though they are not.

There are so many of these Progressive organizations forcing these “New Americans” into communities, subtly and slowly, that the task of reversing it is monumental.

This is why people like outsiders Trump and Cruz. They see our values and our culture being decimated by Marxist and globalist traitors with one last chance to reverse it. The leftists want to make sure that doesn’t happen so they call us all racists.

This would be racism if we were opposed to immigration but this is an invasion meant to completely transform us into a melting pot with a new normal of open borders so the greedy can make money off the cheap labor and the Marxists can remain in power ad infinitum.

The Marxist policies are destroying this country but no matter for the apathetic.

Listen to Mr. Berg’s report.

You are being taken over America by foreigners being brought here under false pretenses and with values contrary to ours. They do not have to assimilate but we do have to adapt. The world is socialist, fascist, and communist by-and-large and we are not filtering out any of them.

The leftists want you to believe we are only a country of immigrants, but that is not accurate. We are a country with a history, a culture, and a constitution, that welcomes immigrants, not invasions. Don’t let the leftists warp the wording on that so that they can make it seem as if an invasion is just fine because we don’t have borders and we are not a country.

The Visigoths are at the gates and we are welcoming them in.

You might want to listen to this one report on a  plan to develop a country within a country that will one day become the new United States. It sounds very feasible but you decide.

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch and here.

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Terry E
Terry E
6 years ago

Why is that no good Nazi son of a bitch still alive?? Imagine – a Jew who was a Nazi informant who turned his own people in to them!!! He doesn’t deserve to draw another breath!!