Globalist Clinton Crows Over Return of Open Borders While on Foreign Soil


Hillary Clinton gloated over the Border Patrol temporarily caving on the phony manufactured crisis of family separation at the border. She promoted the open border policy of ‘catch and release’ by promoting the so-called horror of family separation that has gone on for decades.

Mind you, she doesn’t care that 10,000 detained children were sent alone or sold to cartels. Their abusive parents were responsible and some of the children were only toddlers and one was in diapers. Globalists simply don’t care about them.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can’t get over 2016.

She was out trashing the President over the manufactured family separation crisis at the border on foreign soil. She melodramatically called it America’s “dark hour”.

“Americans from every political background, ideology, and walk of life watched heartbroken and outraged as immigrant [Illegals] families were ripped apart and children were treated cruelly as political pawns,” Clinton said during a speech in Ireland.

“Yet, even in this dark hour, we are witnessing an outpouring of moral conviction, civic engagement, and lasting commitment to stand up for the most vulnerable among us,” she added.

“In fact, it was because of the outcry from every corner of our country, and indeed, from around the world, that the Trump administration was finally forced to take at least a step toward ending family separation.”

Border Patrol has given up on prosecuting illegals who dragged a child with them and the cartels into the country. We are back to open borders and ‘catch and release’. Anonymous people are pouring into the country, dragging children, the very thing Trump is trying to stop. About 50,000 are caught each month, not counting the many more not caught.

Clinton was singing a different tune when it was popular to call for border security. Although she didn’t do a thing in her career to control the border.

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