Globalist Liar Dick Durbin Tries to Intimidate DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen


Senator Dick Durbin wanted to grandstand and bash Trump over the DACA meeting and, lo and behold, a hearing was set up within days for the public to watch. Lindsey Graham, a Democrat posing as a Republican also likes to grandstand, seemingly unaware that he couldn’t even win over 1% of the Republican electorate in 2016. Graham set up the President, tried to put him into a corner and said he trusts Durbin completely.

It was a revolting meeting of globalists. Democrats might as well have the Senate. There is no difference with so-called Republicans in charge. None of these guys have hearings over George Soros or any of the Obama or Clinton crimes, but this hearing they set up almost instantly.

Shows where the swamp rats are coming from.

Senator Durbin revealed a private conversation with the President and a few other officials – if Durbin’s telling the truth which we doubt – and no one even questions that unethical breach. No one accuses him of lying, but anyone who supports Trump is accused of lying, including the DHS Secretary.

Durbin was given free rein during this hearing and Republicans didn’t question a thing this leaker said. He began, “People across the United States and around the world want to know what this President believes should be our priorities when it comes to immigration.”

No, that’s not true. We know his priorities. What we want to know is if Democrats have any intention of working with Republicans although I think we know the answer.

Then he said of the DHS Secretary who he had already suggested is lying, “I’m going to ask you, as best you can, to recall what you heard the President say when it came to those priorities. What do you remember the President saying about immigration from African countries to the United States?”

Durbin is humiliating the United States and won’t stop talking about this “s***hole” comment that probably never took place, and no one shuts him up. Republicans, hello, where are you?

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen addressed his questions as she has before. The media characterizes Trump as assaulting Durbin when it’s the other way around. She hasn’t caved and the media is accusing her of lying without cause.

Durbin has a history of lying

Durbin is known for exactly this kind of lie and he’s not to be trusted.

Rush Limbaugh brought that up today on his radio show. Durbin once accused a Republican of telling Obama he couldn’t stand looking at his face. It was a complete lie and it never happened. Even then-president Obama denied it happened. Durbin wouldn’t apologize and then changed his story claiming Dirty Harry Reid gave him the story.

He was great for blaming Bush for pretty much everything. Durbin is and has been for decades part of the say anything crowd.

In 2011, he wouldn’t answer any questions from a Washington Times reporter and one of his cohorts or he said the reporter was a tea bagger Republican.

When Loretta Lynch wasn’t immediately appointed, he said Republicans were putting her to the back of the bus. When Megyn Kelly was dealing with the left-wing liars, she caught Durbin lying about Social Security having nothing to do with the deficit.

The guy has exactly the kind of ethics one would expect from a swamp rat.

Who you going to believe? Durbin or Ms. Nielson, listen:

Listen to the sleazy guy call our soldiers Nazis, Soviets and Pol Pot. If anyone is like any of those creatures, it’s him.

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