Globalists Are Working Out Our New World Order This Week


Axios has a team at Davos, Switzerland this week, where the elitist globalists are planning the New World Order. They aren’t looking to overturn capitalism, but they believe it needs to have more heart.

They’re wrong. There’s plenty of heart, too much corruption eating away at what should go to the poor.

Don’t you feel great knowing bozos like Al Gore are planning the New World Order?

According to Axios, the global elite fumbled for ways to defend the seven-decade-old structure of trade and diplomacy from punishing attacks. This week, top players declared the system all but dead.

The only thing left for the elitists, the social engineers, to do is to ensure that whatever replaces the system doesn’t cause power wars.

They believe the current system has left millions behind. They predict great modern social, political, and economic transformations.

Politicians, executives, and scholars told Axios that, while the current system is still functioning, a transition is already underway to what’s likely to be a very different global political and economic order, one that is now — at best — faintly visible.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, told attendees that they must make dramatic changes to the global system, and not merely tinker.

The speed of advanced technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence and automation, is already making the transition more disruptive than prior epochal shifts — and may prolong it.


Brian Gallagher, CEO of United Way Worldwide, who has attended Davos 10 times, said: “They understand that they may have to slow down the integration of the global economy in order to let the rest of society catch up. That’s the first time I’ve heard it here.”

It sounds like they are also talking about establishing an authoritarian system.

Many believe Beijing will sooner or later dominate the new order. That is not preordained, but even if power is dispersed regionally, China, India, and Brazil all stand differently politically, which could cause tensions of their own.


The single theme was an acceptance that the capitalist system, of which the attending elites are the masters, is broken. And if they don’t take charge, changes may come that they won’t like.

They came to this conclusion over the growing threat of trust-busting, regulation and public opprobrium in both the U.S. and Europe, on top of the residual shock of Brexit and the election of President Trump.

They think Trump is the threat, but they are the threat.

The economy isn’t working for people, and it’s scary, they say.

The CEOs came to acknowledge that few are talking about overturning capitalism itself, and are determined to do something.

The main flaw with capitalism, critics here and elsewhere argue, is that nowhere is it practiced as it is meant to be: capitalism is supposed to be hellishly competitive; and, in addition to featuring an invisible hand, it’s supposed to have a heart.

While the forum went on, the children were marching for climate change today. The kids are brainwashed

We had them protesting in New York City today too.

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