Globalists Lock Border Gates Open to Give Cartels a Free Pass


The Feds are locking the gates open in walls and fences along the border, including the one just built by a private group with private funds on private land. The Feds — the Obama holdovers — claim the [anti-American] ACLU is threatening to sue and that is why they have locked the gates open.

The International Boundary Commission (IBWC) claims We Build the Wall is blocking monuments and might have been built on some public land [a sliver if anything].

Therefore, they have given VIP access to the cartels while they await a suit — no fight in them. It’s treason and our guess is some people are being paid off. The sheriffs are making sure the gates stay open instead of helping Border Patrol.

The padlock keeping the gate open is guarded by sheriffs.

It isn’t one gate, it’s many, perhaps all gates and it’s not only the ACLU and the Feds that are the problem, but it’s also the U.N. style-globalist corruption.

The ACLU is calling the wall a “monument to racism and xenophobia.” They have called on the IBWC to stop the wall’s construction by the private group, We Build the Wall.

Make no mistake, this is treasonous!

What these hate-America people are doing is claiming monuments everywhere.

They used this monument as a reason to keep the gate open:

They have these so-called monuments everywhere!


For those who don’t know what the IBWC is, it is an international organization responsible for surveying and mapping our borders with Canada and Mexico. It’s ordained by treaty. The woman in charge is Jayne Harkins and President Trump made a big mistake appointing her. He gets terrible advice with some of these selections.

Its responsibilities also include maintaining boundary monuments and buoys, keeping the 3-meter (9.8 ft) border vista on each side clear of brush and vegetation, overseeing any applications for permission to build within the vista, and reporting annually to the governments of both countries.

Brain Kolfage of We Build the Wall writes: The IBWC locked our gate wide open to allow illegal aliens into the United States. Last night cartels from Mexico tried to enter. The IBWC is anti @realDonaldTrump and they leave all border gates open. We have many videos of them leaving gates open for illegals like this one. This video below is not our gate but another gate they leave open where we caught illegals coming through. They hate trump and want to open border United Nations garbage for America.

US International Boundary & Water Commission: Francisco Sainz, Office of Mexican Affairs, Room 3924, Department of State, Washington, DC 20520-3924
(202) 647-8529 FAX: (202) 647-4088

Listen to Mr. Benvie discuss the padlocked gates:

Watch the invasion for yourself:

Criminals, perverts and probably terrorists are exploiting the opportunity:

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