God Help Us – Northeast Leftists Are in DC Hoping to Change the Nation


bill and Al
Bill de Blasio with his close advisor, Al Sharpton

Leftists aren’t liberals, they are leftists. People need to start calling them what they are – totalitarians.  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, a communist, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a socialist, are in D.C. talking income inequality which they are so good at creating.

De Blasio is on a national tour and has dreams of the presidency.

de Blasio
Photo of a young Sandanista Bill

During his speech in New York, de Blasio likened our economic problems to the Great Depression ignoring the fact that Obama has been in office for six years.

“The economic moment and the political momentum have converged and now is the time for our country to enact bold structural changes to rebuild our middle class,” de Blasio said at an economic forum hosted by the nonprofit Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank.

“The crisis of economic inequality is massive. But it is well within our power to take it head on and a make a real difference.”

Income inequality and alleged concern for the middle class (as they destroy the middle class) is a favorite of the far-left. They’re code words for Marxist redistribution actually.

De Blasio wants $15 an hour mandatory minimum wages, a popular ruse to win over the populace.

He is going to unveil “The Progressive Agenda” in D.C. and laud his questionable accomplishments as mayor of NY with paid sick leave, free PK, and a call for lifting New Yorkers out of poverty.  He calls his plan a “Contract with America.”

New Yorkers, as socialist as they are, aren’t so sure he’s all that great.

From NPR:

Forty-nine percent of respondents said the city was going in the wrong direction, the first time the number fell below 50 percent since de Blasio took office. What’s more, 56 percent said their quality of life in the city had gotten worse. While de Blasio’s approval rating had ticked up 5 points to 44 percent since last year, and a majority of voters still had a favorable impression of the mayor, 53 percent said they didn’t think his policies were transforming the city.

The NYPD sure aren’t fans.

Leftist policies have not helped the poor in sixty years but leftists want more of what doesn’t work.

De Blasio took time out during his speech to attack the rich. He went on to praise socialist Warren for her “extraordinary” leadership on economic issues [She is trying to destroy the banks and kill the rich].


De Blasio and Warren want to jump into the presidential race if Hillary crashes and burns. Hillary herself is moving to the left of Obama because the Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party. Republicans are moving left also.

All of de Blasio’s messaging comes right out of the playbook of Communist Party USA. Check their website and see for yourself.

De Blasio says he is helping New Yorkers by influencing national policies and political conversations.

Where’s my barf bag when I need it?



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