God & Jerusalem, They’re In, They’re Out, Obama Chaos! Update



Update: 9/5: “Obama had seen the language prior to the convention, a campaign source said, but did not seek to change it until after Republicans jumped on the omissions of God and Jerusalem late Wednesday. And even then, it had to be forced through a convention hall full of delegates who nearly shouted down the change.” [Politico]

The President and his aides gave the impression that he did NOT know what was in the platform and changed it because he wanted the words in the platform – not so!

Listen to the vote, God and Jerusalem were voted out but the people were overruled:

Story: 9/4: Chaos ruled today as Democrats tried to back pedal on their whole we disavow Jerusalem and God platform. Their PC, secularist stance came back to bite them.

Far left Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor, called for a vote to change the whole let’s dump Jerusalem and God platform. That is to his credit. He seemed surprised when the vote was not clearly a yes vote. It was hard to tell the yeas from the nays but, after three calls, the chair decided it was yea. Having heard it myself, I’d say there was no way to tell.

Doesn’t this tell you something?

“I found it really disturbing,” said Patricia Ravitz, a delegate for California. “I voted ‘yes’ very strongly, at the top of my longs. I was surprised it was so close.”

“I was shocked so many people voted no. I don’t know what they were thinking,” said a delegate from Kansas, Carolyn Wims-Campbell.

Apparently some voted no because they wanted more discussion which makes no sense. What is the question? What is the problem? Some were opposed to God, not Jerusalem.

Some think it is a Republican plot but I think they are missing the part where most Americans said they support God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem and God are back in but some of the troubling information that was removed is still removed as follows:

    • demand the isolation of Hamas until that organization renounces terrorism and accepts other requirements of the peace process;
    • insist that any settlement of the so-called “refugees” question in a final settlement make a future Palestinian state, not Israel, the destination for Palestinian “refugees”;
    • note that it’s not realistic to expect outcome of negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949.

This entire affair tells me that they might back off for now but they’ll do the same and worse again, given half a chance. People have to start paying attention.

Brett Baier asked Dick Durbin to appear on Fox News after a childish outburst on Durbin’s part yesterday over the why is God left out of the Democratic platform question. Durbin’s staff said Dick would not be coming back on Fox News. It’s ironic that Durbin would behave badly and then try to make Baier and Fox News out as the villain. It’s nuts.

I’d like to know if Obama thinks God and Jerusalem should be part of the Democratic platform though I think I know the answer. The Democratic campaign said Obama intervened to get God and Jerusalem put back in. Didn’t he notice that they were out?

The venue for the Obama speech has been changed to the indoor Time Warner arena which is cheaper than the Bank of America stadium. It also requires the smaller audience that Obama needs. Obama has been bussing in college students to fill up the stadium, which, as an aside, the occupy protestors are blocking. [You remember the occupiers who the Democrats placed their faith and hope in just months ago.]

The Democrats blame the possibility of severe weather for the change of venue but there is only a 20% chance of showers. Robert Fibs was on Special Report and said that it was the weather that caused the problem and they had no problem filling the stadium. Rumors have been swirling for a week that they couldn’t get the 65,000 needed to fill the Bank of America stadium. It sure isn’t 2008.

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