You Are Going to Be Angry When You Hear About How a WH Intruder Hung Out for 17 Minutes


South Portico back door

The Washington Examiner explained how White House intruder, Jonathan Tran was able to get on to the grounds and hang out for 17 minutes undetected. The reasons will make you angry.

First of all, the powers-that-be removed detection sensors from the fence that he jumped over. Tran jumped three fences and ended up at the South Portico. That particular area of the fence didn’t set off alarms because there weren’t any.

Second, the dogs didn’t respond because they weren’t on the grounds because whoever is in charge wanted to make sure the dogs wouldn’t “hurt someone”.

I know what you’re thinking and, no, this isn’t satire and we are not The Onion.

Belgian Malinois

Most of the dogs the Secret Service uses are Belgian Malinois, a breed trained to detect and stop intruders of any kind. The agency doesn’t want to release the dogs too soon and they keep them mostly muzzled. They came up with this originally and in part to protect Obama’s dog Bo.

Third, they didn’t catch the intruder at all. Tran strolled up to the South Portico back door and told the Uniformed Division officer posted there that he had an appointment with President Trump.

The Secret Service has been very secret about this.

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