Teen Charged As An Adult for Naked Photos of Himself on His Own Phone

Cormega Copening
Cormega Copening

A 17 year old in North Carolina was prosecuted for keeping naked images of himself on his own cellphone when he was 16. He also had one image of his naked girlfriend, Brianna Denson. She was prosecuted too for having suggestive and naked images of herself on her phone.

They went after the boy on felony charges!

Did these kids even know it was illegal?

The images weren’t sent to anyone else.

The boy, Cormega Copening of Fayetteville was prosecuted as an adult under federal child pornography laws. He sexually exploited a minor – himself.

He had to strike a plea deal or end up going to jail and being registered as a sex offender. He is the high school quarterback and was suspended from the team for months while he awaited the outcome of the case.

He will be subject to warrantless searches for a year! He suffered humiliation and other government restrictions. The girlfriend had to go to a class and give up her cellphone for a year.

Is this the government’s job now? They’re going to discipline our kids and threaten to send them to jail for something they have on their phone? So what he didn’t have his clothes on??? There were no victims and the government is criminalizing naked pictures on cellphones.

Other states have these sexting laws on the books but haven’t used them to this extreme.

The laws they used to prosecute the teens were meant to keep predators from exploiting minors. This seems like a clear case of abuse of powers.

If the teens do as directed, their records will be cleared after a year. Big of the government.





  1. First: How were the images discovered if they were never sent?
    Second: Who are they? In the respect of bringing felony charges if the photos were never sent.
    Third: Why on earth would anyone know about such photos unless the teens involved were showing off the photos which were never sent
    The details of this story are suspicious.

    • There was a sexting scandal at the school being investigated. These kids had nothing to do with it. The police asked the mother to see the boy’s phone. She was the owner. They found he wasn’t guilty of sexting but saw his naked photos of himself.

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