Good Gal With a Gun Saves Co-Worker from Violent Thug


A waitress at a George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee was attacked on June 28 by a regular customer at the restaurant who felt she wasn’t serving him fast enough, Fox News reported.

After cursing at the server throughout the night, he came behind the counter and punched her in the face. Seconds later, another waitress with a concealed carry permit pulled out a handgun from her waistband and pointed at him until he backed off.

“I thank God the other waitress had a concealed carry weapon, has a permit… I shudder to think, had she not been there and had she not had this weapon, what this guy might have done,” witness Bob Donovan, an Alderman, told Fox 6.

The Milwaukee police are looking for the man, allegedly a drug dealer.

The victim is back at work. She might also want to get a concealed carry permit.

The coward who attacked a defenseless woman was going to continue hitting her. The gun-toting waitress did save her.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

Powerful little clip featuring and genuinely empowered, blue collar lady, saving another blue collar gal. WAY TO GO!