Good Girl with a Gun Saves Her Mother’s Life, Perhaps Saves the Entire Family


Contributor Jon Thompson

When police arrived Steven Kelley, 46, was dead from two gunshot wounds. The gun was fired by the daughter of the woman he was choking to death.

According to WBTV, “The DA’s office concluded, based on the facts and the evidence, that the shooting was justified and no charges will be filed.”


Steven Kelley was a convicted felon and “had multiple guns in the house and frequently carried one,” the report said. He had also threatened girlfriend Chandra Nierman before.

Deputies learned that Kelley and his girlfriend, Chandra Nierman, 44, and her three children, a son, 12, and daughters, 15 and 16, had recently moved to the area from Indiana.

Investigators determined that Kelley had attacked Nierman and was choking her, yelling that he was going to cut her throat and kill everyone in the house.

The woman’s 12-year old son went and got one of the guns. His 15-year old sister grabbed it from him and fired twice, hitting Kelley in the chest.

Deputies said they learned that Kelley had threatened Nierman repeatedly and that on Aug. 4, he assaulted her and fired a gun several times inside the home to threaten and terrorize her.

Chandra Nierman was badly bruised when police arrived at the home.

Kelley had two active domestic violence protection orders against him from two different women in Indiana and Ohio.


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