Good Guy with a Gun Stops Illinois School Shooting


A school resource officer shot a teen gunman and prevented a possible mass shooting at Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois, Fox News reports. It could have been another Stoneman High massacre.

A recently expelled 19-year old named Matt Milby went into the Dixon High School gym where seniors were practicing for graduation at 8 a.m.

School resource officer Mark Dallas who heard shots ring out and confronted Milby in the gym. He didn’t hide like the Broward cowards.  Milby opened fire on the officer and then ran. The officer, unharmed, took chase and hit Milby in the shoulder. Milby fell and was arrested.


Milby will survive and is in police custody. No one was harmed and Milby acted alone.

Thanks to a well-trained good guy with a gun, a potential mass shooted was prevented.

That is the NRA plan — put these officers in the schools.

The school has also been running drills.



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