Good Guy With a Gun Stops the School Shooter

An armed shooter entered Great Mill High School in Maryland with a gun and took aim at a young girl. An armed school resource officer engaged the shooter and took him down. The shooter later died.

In addition to the shooter, two students were shot by the gunman, including the girl who was the shooter’s target and a young male. Both were transported to the hospital and the girl, 16, remains in critical condition while the male victim, 14, is in stable condition, according to NBC Washington. It is believed the young woman was struck in the head.

A good guy with a gun stopped the shooter. This makes the case for armed cops in the schools but the media is not reporting this part of the story.

CNN didn’t bother to mention the armed resource officer shooting the gunman. Unbelievably, they are already calling for gun control.


  1. The shooter was a seventeen-year-old student, and the resource officer saved other students lives. Teens should march against *teen violence* and a lack of respect for human life.

  2. Reporting that the school resource officer shot the attacker doesn’t fit their twisted narrative! This potential tragedy was averted because the school’s armed officer did his job, unlike the cowards in Florida who stayed outside in safety while students were being slaughtered.

  3. Here is a real hero, unlike people that waited outside in Florida. So far, no one in Florida has yet to be charged with criminal negligence.

  4. It would be nice to see the students of Great Mill High School in Maryland have a march of THANKS for the armed school resource officer, if not for stopping this punk idiot, the girl he targeted would probably be dead and who knows how many others!!!!!

  5. It ain’t unbelievable that CNN is using this incident to call for more gun control. It’s completely within their demonstrated mode of operation. I know you know this.

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