Good News Dems! Hillary Won! Says, “I Beat Both of Them!” [Sanders and Trump]


Clinton received over two million more votes than President Trump thanks to California, but dramatically lost the electoral college 227 to Trump’s 304.

“I beat both of them,” Clinton said referencing Sanders and Trump. She then blathered about anger being a bad strategy.

This from the woman who cheated Bernie and rigged the election against him.

The aging excuse-maker told New York Magazine in an interview that Comey, Russia’s attack on democracy, and sexism cost her the election.

About her nemesis Comey being fired, she said she’s “worried.”

“It was an effort to derail and bury the Russia inquiry, and I think that’s terrible for our country,” she claimed.

She offered no evidence but, then again, she thinks she won the election. She knows little about our Republic and the Constitution if she thinks she “beat them both”.

She wandered back to the “attack on our country” by Russia, for which we still have no evidence. She’s worried it will “undermine our electoral system” but her constant assault on the current administration isn’t a problem at all apparently. She’s joined the resistance and hasn’t complained once about the Antifa.

When the issue of sexism was brought up by the magazine, Clinton explained how she hoped “the rawness of being a woman competing for the presidency would have dissipated” would have gone away since she was defeated by President Obama eight years earlier.

But she found that while it had “somewhat diminished”, there was “a lot of implicit bias was just raging below the surface”.

It’s not because she’s a woman, it’s because it’s her.

“There were still very deep, raw feelings about gender that had not been resolved,” she said.

“There is a stark difference between men and women when it comes to success and likability”.

“So the more successful a man is, the more likable he is. The more successful a woman is, the less likable she is. And it’s across every sector of society.”

No Hillary, you’re just unlikable.


Clinton was then asked about those who were attempting to pin the blame for the loss entirely on her.

‘There’s always, what’s that word… Schadenfreude – “cut her down to size”, “too big for her own britches” – I get all that,’ she said.

“I take responsibility, I admit that I’m not a perfect candidate – and don’t know anybody who was – but at the end of the day we did a lot of things right and we weathered enormous headwinds and we were on our way to winning.”

That’s big of her to admit she’s not “perfect”.

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