Good News! Moonbat Chelsea Clinton Will Decide What We’re Allowed to Say


Chelsea Clinton is out giving speeches and will no doubt run for office one day. She has the same instincts as her mother and they’re not good.

We have a clip of Chelsea you have to hear. In it you will also hear Bill O’Reilly discussing Chelsea Clinton’s new role as arbiter of what we are allowed to say and what is racist, Islamophobic, etc. Chelsea will govern political correctness for us all.

via The Factor

Chelsea says: We also have to recognize, particularly at this moment, that sexism is not an opinion. Islamophobia is not an opinion. Racism is not an opinion. Homophobia is not an opinion. Jingoism is not an opinion. And so I think we, in our posture of listening, also have to get comfortable with standing up and speaking out.

OK. So according to Chelsea Clinton, she, I guess, is the arbiter of what’s racist and sexist and homophobic. I guess she and her crew, they make that decision. So if they think a joke is racist, then it is. If they think that a person is a sexist, then he is. I guess you could be a she, I guess you could be a sexist. I’m not sure.

So Chelsea Clinton is the judge here, and her and her group. There is no discussion, none of that. You’re just branded. Now this is what’s going on. You’re branded if people like you. They’ll find a way to do it. Horrible. Horrible.

And I think it’s going to have to be settled in the courts because this stuff is so out of control, and there’s Chelsea Clinton going: oh, you know, we have to stand up and call it out.

Call what out? If somebody says something they have, number one, the freedom to say it unless it’s threatening, and number two, you don’t know the context of it unless you were there in the conversation. And then you’re going to brand? This is witch stuff. Brand, brand brand. Oh, you’re homophobic. Oh, you’re anti-Islamist. Oh, you’re anti-Semitic. Well yeah, because I’m Chelsea Clinton. I know. I know.

I mean really, the implications of this are stunning, happening all over on college campuses. You can’t even open a mouth in college anymore. You can’t say anything. Oh, you a racist.

You want strict immigration laws? You’re a racist. You hate Hispanic people.

You want a wall? You’re a racist.

OK. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh OK.

You know, I mean, my god.

I started in journalism 42 years ago. None of this existed. It is a far worse country now that Chelsea Clinton and her crew are driving the political correct debate.

It doesn’t stop there!

Climate change and child marriage are interconnected issues, of course, according to Moonbat Chelsea Clinton.

Earlier this week, speaking at the CARE National Conference, Chelsea Clinton highlighted issues facing young girls in today’s world. Among those issues was child marriage:

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