Good News Story! One Man Against Five Saves Himself with a Gun


Contributor James Soviero

This is a story out of the wild west, but it’s good news.

Three men were killed and two were injured after a homeowner opened fire during a home invasion in Houston on Sunday. (KTRK via NNS)


Dozens of shots were fired by a homeowner in Texas during a home invasion early Sunday, officials said.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. in east Houston after five men wearing ski masks broke into the home, police told KPRC.

The male resident inside then grabbed his weapon and opened fire at the men.

“The homeowner appears to have defended himself,” Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller told KTRK-T

The suspects forced themselves into the home, triggering a shootout, police told local media. (KTRK via NNS)

A neighbor told KTRK he heard the shots and went outside to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“I heard around five or six gunshots,” he told the television station. “I’m pretty sure there were more before that.”

Authorities said that “multiple, multiple shell casings” from different types of guns were found at the scene. (KTRK via NNS)

One man was left dead in front of the house, at least one wounded man took off on foot and the others left in an SUV, police said.

The car crashed into a pole nearby at Harrisburg Boulevard, where a man was found dead inside, according to police. Police say another person in the car fled, collapsed down the street on Capitol Street and later died.

The fourth and fifth suspects were also injured and taken to a hospital, police said.

The homeowner was not hurt. It’s good he wasn’t limited to ten rounds, huh?


  1. News reports say that the home defender is 20 yrs old and brandished an AK47 weapon against the intruders. Good for him!! If some of the anti-gun people had their way, he would be too young to own a firearm, the AK47 would not be available to law abiding citizens and the magazine would not be allowed to carry more than 10 rounds. He would have been killed and the intruders would be laughing about it in a bar. Apparently, the anti 2nd amendment whackos think that criminals would somehow follow the law and become passive, not taking advantage of everyone else being unarmed. This kind of incident happens all the time, but few are reported. We shall never give up the right to bear arms!!! God bless the US Constitution!

    • I agree with William August 100%!!!

      Of course, it doesn’t matter HOW MANY TIMES the Gun Control argument is dis-proven… even though it has FAILED on all levels. That is, it has failed on the Constitutional level (see the Heller decision) on the Social Science level (see John Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime”) and on the POLITICAL LEVEL where, despite doing everything to emotionalize the issue (grotesquely including using the bodies of dead children as political props) the gun control issue is a LOSER in all but the MOST BLUE districts and states.

      Unfortunately, Mr. August’s CORRECT VIEW is rejected in those areas, where the Constitution, Social Science, political success AND EVEN SIMPLE COMMON SENSE has been trumped by the twisted political religion of Progressive Liberalism.

  2. ⭐️⭐️ News article commonsenseevaluation “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Have 94% Success rate Stopping Would e Mass Shooters” The left is lying to us AGAIN. The second amendment was never more important than now. Keep informed, We are not in a civil war, we are in the midst of a communist style overthrow of America. Spread the word. The second amendment was not placed in the constitution to preserve hunting rights, it was put there by the founding fathers to prevent overthrow by would be tyrants such as we see all over the world today.
    News article: Never Give Up Your Guns

    • I’m not familiar with your site, Gray Eagle, but I am now. Thank you. I found this interesting quote on your site: Bill Cooper in his book “Behold A Pale Horse” “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead to the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against fire arms.”
      You learn something new everyday!

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