Good News! The U.N.’s Replacing Us, Gives Up on Trump


Politico.Au says the U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has done his “level best to build a decent working relationship with the new administration.”

“While pleading with Washington to refrain from deep cuts to the U.N. budget, he has worked assiduously to build a rapport with U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley,” he continued. They work well together, Ambassador Haley has said.

Politico.Au opines, “Guterres has been trying out a new message: Trump is handing the world to China.” The U.N. is giving up on Trump and wonders if they can “scare” Trump into taking them seriously.

We know the answer. No, they can’t scare him into anything.

What is going on here, is Guterres wants the U.S. to continue the exorbitant funding of the unaccountable U.N. or he’ll find someone to replace us. We are all anxiously waiting for some of the world’s nations to take our place as the world’s largest welfare donor.

Guterres said last week that he would replace us if we didn’t send him money to support 80% of the world’s refugees.

We’re giving up our global role as welfare donors

The secretary-general will visit the U.S. and discuss his demand for money with our weak-kneed and partisan Congress. He plans to take advantage of our divided politics. to secure funding for the world. It’s absurd because we have to borrow 40% of it or print it.

Guterres says we are giving up our global role and creating a “geostrategic vacuum” which China will fill. Guterres is a physicist, thus the lingo.

If China wants to take care of the world’s dependents, we say so be it. It’s a sacrifice we can make.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has a very different take.

According to The Washington Times, the Trump administration’s tough line on the need for reform at the United Nations has effectively put the world body “on notice,” U.S. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Wednesday, during a Capitol Hill hearing. She said that President Trump’s unpredictability is an asset because other countries can no longer take American help and American money for granted.”

Rep. Connolly, one of those weak-kneed congressmen, tried to put Nikki Haley in the hot seat over the budget and she put him in his place. Unfortunately, he’s the exact type congressman Guterres hopes to play to get the usual exorbitant funding for the unaccountable U.N.

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