Good Stuff! Queens Woman Tells Off Comrade de Blasio


A 63-year-old Queens woman named Vickie Paladino was filmed telling off Comrade de Blasio over his trip to Germany. He teamed up with communist Antifa’s protesting Trump and the G20 as a police officer was being waked in New York City.

“I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country,” she said. “I don’t care about the trees. We’ll work it out. Find $18 million to put in your cops’ pockets. And pay your police officers.”

The red diaper baby mayor ran for the hills or the limo in this case.

She called the Democratic mayor a “liberal socialist” who ran away from his responsibilities in New York. [Communist would have been more accurate]

“De Blasio: Be a mayor!” she said. “Don’t talk to me about trees, talk to me about protection of our city, of our citizens, and what you’re gonna do for your police officers. Because you left them high and dry on more than one occasion. Can’t wait for Election Day. Buddy, you are out!”

She said it wasn’t planned, just a spontaneous outburst.

We love you Vickie Paladino!

Meanwhile, there is a new Department of Investigation probe into his “strong-armed” tactics against underlings to help a donor. They are looking into whether de Blasio asked top aides to assist businessman Harendra Singh.

“Hopefully, City Hall will not unlawfully interfere in the current DOI investigation, like it did with the last one,” Robert Kraus said. Kraus is a lawyer for former Department of Citywide Administrative Services Deputy Commissioner Ricardo Morales.

Comrade de Blasio got away without charges on the last pay-to-play investigation. He was “harshly criticized” the newspaper accounts declared.

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