Goodbye Columbus, Hello Fidel Mohammed


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America – it was Muslims!

Recep says that hundreds of years before Columbus, in the 12th century, in 1178, Muslim sailors arrived in Cuba.

There are no signs of Muslims or mosques in Cuba where he claims the sailors first set foot. His evidence is a reference to a mosque in Cuba by Christopher Columbus in one of his diary entries. However, most recognize Columbus was only speaking metaphorically about the shape of the landscape.

In a controversial article published in 1996, historian Youssef Mroueh refers to a diary entry from Columbus that mentions a mosque in Cuba.

“Latin America’s contact with Islam dates back to 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus. Muslim sailors arrived in America 1178. Christopher Columbus mentions the existence of a mosque on hill along the Cuba coast. I would talk to my brothers in Cuba and a mosque would suit well on the top of that hill today as well. It is enough they [Cuban rulers] say okay. Islam had expanded in the American continent even before Columbus arrived,” Erdoğan said on Saturday while speaking in İstanbul at the 1st Latin American Countries Muslim Religious Leaders Summit hosted by Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs.

There are no signs there ever were Muslims in America or any mosques either. The absence of evidence isn’t a problem for Recep who wants to see a mosque on a Cuba hill where he says there used to be a mosque built by those Muslims.

Turkey has made such a request but it has been rejected by Cuba.

The thing that is most obnoxious, besides the rewriting of history, is the fact that it feeds the superiority complex of the radicals.

Also annoying is the fact that liberals might jump on this because they have been trying to unseat Columbus for decades for some inexplicable reason. It’s been a mission.



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