Goodbye Columbus! Muslim Community Patrol Operating in New York City


There is a Muslim Community Patrol operating in New York and they have their own patrol cars. They are trained by the New York Police Department which is now run by a slew of leftists.

The patrol doesn’t have the authority to stop and detain people, but their presence alone could be intimidating to Muslims and others. Some say it’s creeping Sharia Law. Thank the Democrat in charge, Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm.

Why can’t they just be community patrol? Why are they called Muslim Community Patrol?

These patrols could end up as very threatening given the nature of Sharia Law. Islam is not simply a religion, it’s a political and cultural ideology.

They act as a community neighborhood watch that coordinates with NYPD, just like the Hasidic Shomrin and the Asian Safety patrol. Liberals say this is how diverse communities thrive. They claim this has always been the case in New York City and includes all nationalities. Having grown up in New York, I can honestly say that’s not true.

What happened to we are all Americans?

The white Ford Taurus Muslim car bears insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car — with blue horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield on the front driver’s side door and the words “Muslim Community Patrol” descending on the rear door, where a department vehicle would say “Courtesy Professionalism Respect.”

According to the New York Post, it’s nothing to be concerned about. There is no threat of Sharia Law.

“A car from the new Muslim Community Patrol has been spotted around the city, joining the Jewish enclave’s Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol among New York’s culture-specific security groups,” the Post reported last week.

The Muslim population is growing very large in New York City. Democrats can’t move them in fast enough.

How sad that New York is no longer an American city. Thank a Democrat.


A similar Muslim patrol is now out of control in East London and is menacing women and any Muslim who drinks.

In a video, the Muslim Patrol tells a woman wearing a short skirt that she “cannot dress like that in a Muslim area.” In another incident, they harass a young man, saying that he looks like a homosexual.

“What’s wrong with your face, mate? Why you dressed like that for? You need to get out of here. You’re dirty, mate,” an anonymous attacker said on a video obtained by CNN.

The patrol also accosted a man who holds a beer can while walking through the streets. An anonymous voice stops him and says, “This is a Muslim area, okay? Alcohol bad.”

Members of the group claim that these vices are contributing to the moral degradation of their neighborhoods.

Allegedly Imams condemn these verbal assaults, but they haven’t done anything about it.

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4 years ago

Just to clarify – Shomrim is not specifically Hasidic, nor does it enforce any Jewish laws.
It is merely a Jewish community safety patrol that coordinates with the police when necessary.

Joe Snow
Joe Snow
4 years ago

I’m sure you all know what would happen if the white European ethnic groups in New York formed their own police forces, right? Right?

4 years ago

De Blasio must be sued for cultural segregation and possibly sedition. Culture cannot be used as government in America. All religious organizations must stop the religious patrols; they look stupid and desperate. They may also be violating federal laws. I will be writing my state law makers concerning religious organizations assuming public positions, which is unconstitutional. Learn how to separate church and state, then learn how to put public officials in their place!

Robert Gant Sr.
Robert Gant Sr.
4 years ago

NOT MY POLICE. Not that I ever plan to visit NYC.

John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

Wonder when they will start cutting off hands, heads,and stoning wanton women? Perhaps, a crucifixion or two would be allowed. Was this plan vetted by the LBGT Community? Maybe will have to wait for a hanging or two or a queer being thrown off a bridge? I bet two love birds of the same sex planning a wedding could comlainabaou the Muslim baker who refused to bake a care for them.Maybe they should call the Muslim Patrol and make a complaint?