Google Employees “All In” on Manipulating Search Engine Results


Some employees at Google want the company to be Big Brother. They are looking into tailoring search results to highlight their values and bury the results that promote the President’s policies.

Tucker Carlson received internal documents that might prove it.


Google employees schemed to alter search results to promote their left-wing views which stand opposed to the President’s policies. They were “all in”
on doing it, according to the internal memo. Only one was wondering how partisan they want to be on the scheme.

If Google is this dishonest, they possess the power to influence U.S. elections far more than any foreign power.

When you use the google search engine, the most popular results come to the top, but what if they are not the most popular? What if Google weighted their search results to control what users see?

Manipulation seems to be high on the agenda for at least some employees.

Tucker received internal documents from inside Google about a discussion that took place after the President temporarily put a travel ban on certain terror countries.

What they said

Google employees, including the product manager, discussed corrupting the company’s search engine to push propaganda on hundreds of millions of Americans.

“On January 29, a Google product marketing manager named Mackenzie Thomas sent an email to a group of fellow employees: ‘There is a large brainstorm going on throughout the marketing org,’ she wrote,” Carlson said. “Brainstorming about how to respond to Trump’s order.”

Tucker said that among Thomas’ ideas was to “actively counter algorithmic biased results for search terms such as Islam, Iran, Mexico, Latino, and so forth.”

In other words, Google employees wanted to “alter the search results to make them more positive in certain cases for political reasons.”

One employee also suggested promoting links for making donations to organizations that were fighting Trump’s travel ban.

They all agreed to do it.

They seem to be clueless about how far-left their beloved groups are

One employee added the groups she thought Google should promote included the ACLU, the Immigration Defense Project, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and the National Immigration Law Center.

They are all far-left groups and they all oppose the President’s agenda, which is the agenda of the GOP, at least it’s what the GOP campaigns on.

Google responded to Tucker, saying that was just a brainstorming session. “Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology — not in the current campaign season, not during the 2016 election, and not in the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order on immigration.” They added that their “processes and policies” would not allow it.

And folks, you can take that to the bank if Google says it. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

The thing is they might believe it but they are so biased, do they even know what is far-left any more?


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