Google Employees Propose Salaries Based on Race And Gender


“[A]n employee who sexually identifies as ‘a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin’ and ‘an expansive ornate building’ presented a talk entitled ‘Living as a Plural Being’ at an internal event.” ~ Excerpt from James Damore’s lawsuit against Google.

At the most recent shareholders meeting, Google was shamed for hiring too many white and Asian men, the Blaze reported.

Google employees presented a proposal to counteract this egregious error. They requested Alphabet Inc. consider using race and gender to decide salaries. That way they would be more inclusive.

Ironically, the company was sued in March for excluding Asian and white men from employment. It’s likely true. It no longer matters how talented and qualified a person is. All that concerns these Social Justice Warriors is whether or not there are enough of each of their protected groups being hired.

In the lawsuit, management insisted that anyone who was not either female, Black, or Hispanic was to be purged entirely from the hiring pipeline.

James Damore, a former employee, wrote an email to some fellow employees about the biased, overly-hyped diversity culture in Google and was fired for it. He sued but it was thrown out. Private companies can do what they want, no matter how insane and discriminatory. That holds unless they are discriminating against people other than conservatives, white men, and Asian men.

Google has a politically correct monoculture and they would make Karl Marx proud.

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