Google, Facebook Step Up Their Assault on “Fake News”


MacRumors announced a new more aggressive attack on fake news by Google and Facebook, still using leftist fact-checkers like Snopes,  The Washington Post, et al. Worse yet, they are going to use First Draft to screen out so-called Fake News.

They could also use Fox News but aren’t. Snopes is good at finding hyperbole from the right but makes excuses for the same on the left.

Should social media giants be allowed to disrupt the rule of law and our 1st Amendment? They are private organizations.


Facebook will use First Draft! Yikes!

Facebook is using third parties and left-wing fact-checkers. Since the left uses botnets and aggressive trolls, often paid trolls, they have a decided advantage.

The social media giant says they are working to fight the spread of false news in three key areas:

  • disrupting economic incentives because most false news is financially motivated;
  • building new products to curb the spread of false news; and
  • helping people make more informed decisions when they encounter false news.

They’ve already made it clear, they are hiding and burying pages they believe are not in line with the [left-wing] journalistic standards or are simply clickbait.

To make informed decisions, they are using students in left-wing journalism schools and they are funded by some very left-wing organizations including CUNY which residents of New York like me affectionately call the Communist University of NY.

Some of the funders can be found on this link.

Blogs are by their nature not news organizations, they’re opinion writers, and readers do know that but they will be judged according to the journalism censors who out of the gate have expressed their disdain for bloggers.

Bloggers are being silenced, from Senator Dianne Feinstein who wants bloggers to be subject to censorship at the expense of the 1st Amendment to Ted Koppel telling Hannity he’s “bad for America” because he has a right-wing opinion show.

Bloggers compete with news organizations and some are not reputable, that’s true, but many aren’t and it’s the main vehicle by which right-wing opinion is heard.

One of the “tools” Facebook is using is First Draft which immediately quotes Buzzfeed as if they were legitimate news and blasts a “deplorable” on social media talking about Trump.

Some of their guidelines are a little scary for 1st Amendment advocates. For instance, they are concerned about satire and parody misleading people. Also, they include very subjective guidelines as they label articles misleading: When titles don’t conform to the content; when real news is mixed with misinformation; when information is manipulated to deceive; misleading information to frame an individual. Obviously, someone who disagrees will generally say this is the case no matter what.

The problem with all of those subjective guidelines is it does not allow for opinion. Judging from the left-wing perspective of the censors, it doesn’t allow for right-wing opinion. Those on the left should consider how dangerous this is.

First Draft wants fairly tight controls over copyright and they are opposed to hate crimes. Who are they using to consider what constitutes a hate crime? They are using ProPublica, a decidedly left-wing outlet.

Videos of violent acts are also on their hit list and could easily keep news of radical Islamic jihad out of the news.

Google will employ its algorithms against subjective opinion

Google is making its fact-check label in google news worldwide, not simply domestic. That label identifies articles that include information fact-checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations, MacRumors wrote.

Google knows it’s completely subjective, i.e., censorship, and advised:

Even though differing conclusions may be presented, we think it’s still helpful for people to understand the degree of consensus around a particular claim and have clear information on which sources agree. As we make fact checks more visible in Search results, we believe people will have an easier time reviewing and assessing these fact checks, and making their own informed opinions.

Google said “only publishers that are algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information will qualify for inclusion,” but there’s no specifics whatsoever. Publishers must be using the ClaimReview markup or the Share the Facts widget to be included – so far.

Once the right-wing is dispatched, the censors will go after the left who have opinions they don’t like.

This is censorship from the left-wing and from journalists who want bloggers obliterated, but I warn the left-wing that you will come to rue the day. At some point, you too will feel the very discrimination you support now. Nothing is black and white. There will be times the left-wing will differ on issues and once censorship becomes acceptable, the fists of authoritarian control tighten.

Our country is held together by the rule of law. It is the foundation on which it was founded. The assault on the 1st Amendment by our Fourth Estate and social media is very concerning.

The rule of law is the unifier and enforcer in our culture. All are subject to it, rich or poor, fit or unfit. It is what makes feelings and motivations powerless at tyrannizing the populace.

Facebook and Google are private organizations and not subject to 1st Amendment violations as is government, but this was a fake news movement driven by Barack Obama and the Fourth Estate, both of which are clearly left-wing. Another factor is that these private organizations are extremely powerful and are distinct in that way. They can destroy our 1st Amendment.

This is being reported from a right-wing perspective, therefore it would be called fake news by the censors and most will probably not get to see it.


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Jan Williams
Jan Williams
6 years ago

What do we do ??

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

When will they make it illegal for the main stream media to lie to brainwash people into loving the political left and hating the political right?

as an example ; for the entire political campaign the media lied about Trump to make people hate him and they concealed uncomfortable facts about Hillary to help her get elected.

when will this be illegal?

because the media does it 24/7 and is not about to stop

they do the same here in Canada; say lies to convince the people the political right is a bunch of evil racist monsters, and they hide ugly facts about the left to help them remain in power

when will someone make this illegal?