Google Sponsored CPAC to Push Their Open Borders Beliefs


Google sponsored the conservative CPAC event this week, but they had an agenda. Google executive Adam Kovacevich was caught on tape explaining their motives. Tucker Carlson exclusively obtained the tape.

Leftist Google wanted to influence Conservative opinions on [illegal] immigration, away from nationalism, and towards “freedom,” which to them means open borders.

The biased far-left god of the Internet knows a lot about you and plans to sway your opinions. They are indoctrinating us. Google thinks we are just stupid or ignorant and don’t understand that freedom means not making America Great and letting in anonymous people every day. They really do seem to believe that nativism is NOT opening the borders.

People were upset that Communist Van Jones spoke at CPAC. While he complimented conservatives for leading on criminal justice, he did spew nonsense about illegal immigration and was booed.

Michelle Malkin dedicated her speech to refuting it all. She was powerful and she trashed them for inviting Van Jones. She got it — he had an agenda. But I do think we should hear them out to make informed opinions. They’re crazy and we need to know how crazy.

Listen to the Google executive:

Listen to Michelle Malkin’s fighting words. She went for the jugular:

WOW! Michelle Malkin Unchained & Explosive at CPAC, NOT BORING!

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