Google’s Biased Against the Right But Helps Chinese Communists Censor


Google loves Chinese Communists and hates conservatives, thinks the right are communists. Yet, Google is working with Communist China to create a search engine that tracks, censors searches, and links them to users’ phone numbers, The Washington Examiner reports.

This technology they are creating together would make it easier for the Communist Party of China to monitor people and what they are searching, the Intercept reported Friday.

Dragonfly, the code name for the new search engine, was designed for Android devices.

It allows China to censor everything and track down so-called dissidents, who probably end up in the gulag.

Nice job Google!


Google isn’t an American company and the top executives are clueless about the USA values that made this country great. They also do their best to not pay any U.S. taxes.

A recent report by Tucker Carlson suggested that at least one Google VP tried to swing the Hispanic vote towards Hillary. That should alarm people. These elitists could swing the election and we wouldn’t even know they did it.

Recently, someone sent a video of the weekly internal meeting of executives at Google. It was immediately after the election. It proved Google executives are biased. They seem to think Trump supporters are racists, anti-immigrant, a blip, communists, fascists, dangerous…

The arrogant Googlers really don’t even know what they are.

Watch a few soundbites:

Horrific Google Video Shows VIPs Planning to Thwart Trump’s Agenda



  1. It’s in their upbringing they get the colour of hate or should we say political racism. And therefore they can’t see it And we also know that birds of a feather stick together.. So the state will collapse if nothing is done. Free speech? What a bummer!

  2. In their perspective, there is only one worldview and that’s theirs. To make a company so politically one sided is the result of their intelligence stimulation (meaning getting their egos so much blown up, that they truly think that they belong to the global intellectual elites). Also they think that intellectual creativity is only for those with an IQ above a certain level.
    They truly feel sorry for all of us who are intellectually below their level, that they see it as their purpose in life to (re-)educate them. Try to live next to a long time Google employee. Wow. Try to talk to their interns (they think they are above normal intelligence).

    I did several times long term research projects (duration of more then a year), where it as required for me to get my people innovative. To do that, I introduced a similar work environment as Google is using and I tell you it was very successful and got the best productivity and the researches within the project went perfect. All the people worked like possessed by daemons and gave their everything and their best; they saw themselves after a while as demigods and acted accordingly. Not good for marriages, I tell you. But they earned four times their normal salary!
    The problem occurred after the project, when the people suddenly needed to work with the ‘normal’ people in their company (their egos were deflated in painful ways). And that’s what’s going on in a Google environment permanently.

    And it’s not only at Google that such things happen, also at military research institutions, specific military units, general research institutions, intelligence, etc.

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